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  • David Suchet gives a definitive performance as Hercule Poirot in this fun, well written series.

    "Poirot" is my absolute favorite show. Period.

    I first got into Agatha Christie when I read "And Then There Were None." I then proceeded to read "Murder on the Orient Express", and a few other Poirot books. Eventually I saw the David Suchet version of "The ABC Murders," and I was blown away.

    Suchet was born to play the role. He researched meticulously by reading every single book or short story with Poirot. He has created a distinctive walk, voice, and above all, a lovable character.

    Of course, the show is not all about Poirot. He is aided by his associate, the somewhat dim-witted but loyal Captain Hastings, Inspector Japp, and his secretary, Miss Lemon. There is such a sense of comradery in each of the episodes, and these three bring a lot to the show.

    All the episodes are well-written, have baffling mysteries, and have fantastic production design, music, and acting. The show is still going strong, even though Hastings, Japp, and Miss Lemon are not present. Still, this is in some ways a breath of fresh air. But I look forward to their return in at least one more episode.

    Long Live Poirot!
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