Agatha Christie's Poirot - Season 1

ITV (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • The Dream
    Episode 10
    Millionaire business tycoon Benedict Farley, a well-known eccentric, consults Poirot about the bad dreams he has been having - he has dreamed repeatedly of killing himself. Sadly, Farley does not follow Poirot's good advice, and soon afterwards he is found dead. Poirot fails to believe in suicide - he suspects murder by hypnosis.moreless
  • The King of Clubs
    Episode 9
    Prince Paul of Maurania is engaged to marry a beautiful young English actress called Valerie St Clair. And then Valerie becomes the only witness to the murder of Henry Reedburn, a shady and overbearing film producer, at his house, and the police at once suspect her of being the killer. Prince Paul appeals to Poirot to save his intended from a possible murder charge, but in investigating the killing the great detective comes to the conclusion that Valerie has lied and is at least an accomplice. At the end, he finds he has a conundrum to ponder on - When is a murder not a murder? For more, see Recap.moreless
  • 2/26/89
    Lord Mayfield, an aircraft manufacturer, invites Lady Vanderlyn (who is suspected of being a spy for the Germans) to his country house, and he has a plan to trap her. But when Lady Mayfield hears about her husband's plan, she sends for Poirot. Lord Mayfield's plan all seems to go horribly wrong, and Poirot has to tell a few home truths. For more, see Recap.moreless
  • Problem at Sea
    Episode 7
    Poirot and Hastings are on board a ship steaming towards Alexandria, in Egypt. Poirot recovers from his usual sea-sickness to take an interest in some fellow-passengers, especially the Clappertons. The rich Mrs Clapperton is offensively rude to lesser mortals, while Colonel Clapperton is rumoured to be not a real colonel at all, but a retired music-hall performer. On arrival at Alexandria, Mrs Clapperton is found murdered in her cabin, and Poirot finds (as usual) quite a number of suspects.moreless
  • Triangle at Rhodes
    Episode 6
    Poirot is staying at the Palace Hotel on the Aegean island of Rhodes. Among his fellow guests are an English couple, Commander and Mrs Chantry - and Poirot notices the beautiful Mrs Valentine Chantry flirting with other men. And then she is found dead, poisoned, and at once her husband is suspected. Is this a simple crime of passion, or is there some other motive at work? To solve the mystery, Poirot has to unravel a number of tangled relationships between those staying at the Palace Hotel. And he does not have the help of Hastings, who is not on the island.moreless
  • 2/5/89
    Poirot is feeling terribly bored, as he has had no murder cases at all for several weeks. He takes Hastings to see a new whodunnit at the theatre, to relieve the boredom. But just a few hours later, Poirot is disturbed in his own apartment by the strange shooting of Mrs Grant, a resident of his building, Whitehaven Mansions. Two young couples find the murdered woman's body in the third-floor flat two floors below Poirot's, and it soon appears that bigamy may be the key to the mystery. But is it?moreless
  • 1/29/89
    At a London restaurant where he often goes to eat, Poirot notices that another of the regular customers has dramatically changed his diet. Meanwhile, old Anthony Gascoigne lies dying in Brighton, and his estranged twin brother Henry falls to his death. A tragic accident, or murder? Poirot sees connexions and he decides the answer to the mystery lies in a blackberry pie.moreless
  • 1/22/89
    Marcus Waverly, an English country squire, calls on Poirot for help in dealing with anonymous letters threatening to kidnap his son, Johnnie. Hastings is deeply shocked by the thought of people going around kidnapping children, and it becomes a race against time to find out who the mystery letter writer is. Of course, there is a lot more to the mystery than kidnap threats.moreless
  • Murder in the Mews
    Episode 2
    It occurs to Hastings that with fireworks going off all around London on November 5th (Bonfire Night), no one would take much notice of a shooting. And within hours Poirot finds himself investigating a violent death in Hastings's own mews garage. At first, it seems as if a young lady who was about to marry a self-important member of parliament killed herself - but Poirot is not happy with the suicide theory. So if it was murder, who is the killer?moreless
  • 1/8/89
    Mrs Ernestine Todd, from Clapham, asks Poirot to help her find her cook, Eliza, who has vanished without trace. Poirot likes to take on only big and important cases, so at first he feels slighted by being called on to work on such a trivial matter. But he agrees to visit Mrs Todd's house, and after he has seen the contents of the missing cook's trunk, Poirot decides the case might prove to be worthy of his great talents, after all.moreless