Agatha Christie's Poirot - Season 12

ITV (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • The Clocks
    Episode 4

    Lieutenant Colin Race of the Royal Navy, busy investigating the tragic deaths of his girlfriend and another agent, is walking along Wilbraham Crescent when Sheila Webb runs out of number 19 into his arms, distressed. A middle-aged man is found on the floor of the house, stabbed to death. Poirot travels to Dover to help Race to establish whether Sheila is a murderer. Sheila claims she did not know the victim, nor even Miss Pebmarsh, a blind woman who owns the house. Miss Pebmarsh was not at home when the body was found, and she denies having requested Sheila's services as a secretary by telephone earlier that day.

    Poirot observes the complications of the case, including an unidentified murder victim, four clocks stopped at thirteen minutes past four in the room where the body was found, and a host of neighbours who say they saw nothing. Race is determined to find the suspected German mole within the Navy who caused his girlfriend's death, and in a state of grief he becomes increasingly close to Sheila. A wall of evidence begins to build up against Sheila, and then another victim is found brutally murdered.

  • 12/25/10
    While travelling from Istanbul to London on the Orient Express, Poirot is approached by the shady American traveller Samuel Ratchett, who wants to hire him as a protector. Ratchett is soon found dead, with multiple stab wounds.

    With the train trapped in a deep snow drift, the immediate evidence points to a killer who boarded and left the train, but Poirot finds a bewildering mass of clues and suspects, including a Russian princess, a German maid, a Hungarian diplomat and his wife, and a Swedish missionary. Ratchett proves to have been a mobster responsible for the kidnapping and murder of an American child. In the end, Poirot turns his back on the rule of law in favour of natural justice.

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  • Hallowe'en Party
    Episode 2
    Ariadne Oliver attends a children's Hallowe'en party and hears a young girl boasting that she has witnessed a murder. Later that evening, the child is found dead, drowned in a bucket. Ariadne sends for Poirot, who takes the young victim's story seriously and finds there have been several other suspicious deaths in the village. When another child is found drowned, Poirot realizes that a third is in danger.

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  • Three Act Tragedy
    Episode 1
    Poirot visits Cornwall to attend a dinner party at the house of his friend Sir Charles Cartwright. When an amiable local clergyman chokes to death on his cocktail, Poirot does not at first see the death as a murder. There seems to be no motive, and (as Poirot predicts) no trace of poison is found in the dead man's glass. Apart from Sir Charles's doctor friend, Sir Bartholomew Strange, and the enigmatic Miss Egg Lytton Gore, any one of the guests could have taken the glass and drunk from it. Then, some weeks later, Sir Bartholomew Strange also chokes to death at a dinner party he is giving, with many of the same people present. Poirot and Cartwright travel from Monte Carlo to Strange's house in Yorkshire, where Cartwright is determined to unravel the reasons behind his friend's death and also to impress Egg. Again, no poison is found in the dead man's glass, but nevertheless a post-mortem finds that Strange was poisoned. This not only seems to mean he was murdered, but also reopens the question of the first death.moreless