Agatha Christie's Poirot

Season 5 Episode 5

The Adventure of the Italian Nobleman

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 1993 on ITV

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  • A fine episode although the politic tone of it did not particularly keep my interest.

    This episode was slightly too political in my taste and so it is not included in the list of my favourite episodes. I did not find the storyline with all the Italians particularly fascinating either.

    I liked the fact that Miss Lemon had a slightly bigger part in this episode than usually. She is calm but effective and she only speaks the necessary, a perfect PA. The conclusion of the case was clever and took me by surprise. I had a suspicion that there probably is some kind of twist in here but I did not identify the murderer before Poirot. Preston played Mr Graves brilliantly and managed to make him a very likable character to begin with. The change that happened in him towards the end was a complete contrast to what we had seen earlier and it was amazing to watch.

    The ending was humorous with Miss Lemon's comment on how Mr Graves did not bother to find a new home for the cat and then Poirot's face when he sees it, it actually made me laugh.

    There were many good things about this episode, but I think the politics and the smaller storylines surrounding the main one were not interesting enough. It was an average episode, nothing absolutely amazing.