Age of Love

Season 1 Episode 8

Australia Finale

Aired Monday 12:00 AM Aug 06, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

It's the season finale, and the final two women fly to Australia to meet Mark's family. Who will Mark choose, the Cougar or the Kitten?

The beginning of the episode is focused on Mark's journey with both women, starting with their first meeting. Mark had immediate chemistry with Amanda, and was shocked at Jen's age. To this day, he finds it unbelievable that she is 48 years old. He interviews that he has feelings for both women, and he doesn't want to hurt either of them.

It's time to meet Mark's family, along with his best friend and his wife and kids. Amanda is immediately on edge, as Jen had bought a gift for Mark's mother. The entire segment focuses on Amanda's shyness and inability to speak, while Jen was much more open. The family was split in half, as Mark's mother liked Amanda because she reminded her of herself, and Mark's sister preferred Jen. After the family meeting, Mark was left even more confused about his feelings.

It's time for the one-on-one date, and Jen is chosen for the first one. This angers Amanda, as she has yet to have even one alone date with Mark. Jen meets Mark at the docks, and they go on a beautiful moonlit gondola ride. Afterwards, they have dinner at an aquarium, where a table is set in a glass-enclosed room where they can look at the fishes. They finish the evening cuddled together on a blanket and pillows, and enjoy each other's company.

The next day, Amanda is taken out for her first one-on-one date. They drive out to Pearcedale Conservatory Park, and feed kangaroos and koalas. Amanda claims she had always wanted to see them, and she was happily surprised. They go to dinner at Koko, and afterwards settle at a room in a villa, overlooking Melbourne. They enjoy dessert, and spend the rest of the evening kissing and talking.

Another day passes, and it's time for Mark to make his final decision. Amanda and Jen have one last final heart-to-heart, where Jen lays her feelings on the line, and tells Amanda exactly where she stands. The women get ready. One by one, they greet Mark at the end of a long dock, and Mark tells each woman of his decision. Although he finds each woman incredible, he says he has to be true to his heart. Jen is sent home, and she tearfully says that she knows that if she was younger, she would be the one that Mark chose. Amanda and Mark sail off into the sunset.