Age of Love

Season 1 Episode 8

Australia Finale

Aired Monday 12:00 AM Aug 06, 2007 on NBC

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  • Oh Gee, the winner of this show was a total suprise, a real shocker !!! NOT!

    I, like alot of other people, called this one right from the start - he picked one of the hot young women. Did anyone seriously think he was going to pick a woman old enough to be his mother? I mean really. I feel sorry for the loser but did she actually think she had a snowballs chance in H, E, double toothpicks of bagging this studly Aussie tennis player.

    Even the winner likely wont end up with this guy long term. How many of the winners of these types of dating shows end up with successful relationships? Few if any. Everyone involved gets their 15 minutes of fame and a few bucks in their pocket; from their perspective I guess thats something.
  • that lucky bastard!

    they met his family in australia & while jen brought a gift & was talking up a storm, amanda was very quiet & polite & shy so the mom said she liked amanda!! suck it jen! u suck. amanda couldn't even make a salad, how cute is that! amanda was talking about the possibility that he may not choose her & everytime she did her voice would break & my heart just went out 2 her. he took jen on a date & she was pretending 2 care about mark & he was pretending 2 care about her but the only reason jen was there was because jayanna couldn't keep her big yap shut & was nasty about the whole thing. jen was boring & creepy, her son wasn't that much younger than mark. gross! there was no denying he had a connection with amanda from the very beginning & she is wife material. that lucky bastard has enough things going 4 him, now he has my girl. amanda, if things don't work out, email me! ;)
  • The final two women go to Australia to meet Mark's family. Will Mark choose a Cougar or a Kitten?

    Absolutely predictable, from start to finish. At the beginning of the show, Mark is shown with the woman he is cutting from the competition. This was not the most intelligent decision the producers have ever made, as both women have different colored hair, and one of the women had her hair up, while the other wore it down. The viewers knew who won before the opening credits even rolled.

    Now, did anyone actually think a man who has been linked to the likes of Paris Hilton would choose a woman old enough to be his mother, no matter how classy she is? I didn't. Not once had Mark shown that his character had any depth. Unsurprisingly, Amanda was the winner. She claimed to be "happier than the happiest girl on earth". I was unable to tell through the Botox. She may well have been. Then again, it could have been gas. You can never tell with those injections. Disappointing, to say the least. I kept hoping that Mark would come to his senses and pick the woman who was not likely to stab him in his sleep. Moronic thinking on my part, obviously.

    My final thoughts on this episode...predictable and disappointing. It was obvious from the first episode that Mark was physically attracted to Amanda, and that she would be the last one standing, regardless of the non-existent personality she has.