Age of Love

Season 1 Episode 8

Australia Finale

Aired Monday 12:00 AM Aug 06, 2007 on NBC

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  • that lucky bastard!

    they met his family in australia & while jen brought a gift & was talking up a storm, amanda was very quiet & polite & shy so the mom said she liked amanda!! suck it jen! u suck. amanda couldn't even make a salad, how cute is that! amanda was talking about the possibility that he may not choose her & everytime she did her voice would break & my heart just went out 2 her. he took jen on a date & she was pretending 2 care about mark & he was pretending 2 care about her but the only reason jen was there was because jayanna couldn't keep her big yap shut & was nasty about the whole thing. jen was boring & creepy, her son wasn't that much younger than mark. gross! there was no denying he had a connection with amanda from the very beginning & she is wife material. that lucky bastard has enough things going 4 him, now he has my girl. amanda, if things don't work out, email me! ;)