Age of Love

Season 1 Episode 8

Australia Finale

Aired Monday 12:00 AM Aug 06, 2007 on NBC

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  • Oh Gee, the winner of this show was a total suprise, a real shocker !!! NOT!

    I, like alot of other people, called this one right from the start - he picked one of the hot young women. Did anyone seriously think he was going to pick a woman old enough to be his mother? I mean really. I feel sorry for the loser but did she actually think she had a snowballs chance in H, E, double toothpicks of bagging this studly Aussie tennis player.

    Even the winner likely wont end up with this guy long term. How many of the winners of these types of dating shows end up with successful relationships? Few if any. Everyone involved gets their 15 minutes of fame and a few bucks in their pocket; from their perspective I guess thats something.
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