Age of Love

Season 1 Episode 7

Fantasy Dates

Aired Monday 12:00 AM Jul 30, 2007 on NBC
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Fantasy Dates
Mark goes on a series of fantasy dates which include salsa dancing, high tea and a carriage ride.

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  • "i'm going to throw up"

    maria is gone! awesome! she was annoying, "i'm 40, yadda yadda yadda" be quiet already, her display on the dance floor was really pathetic, she should have just made him sit down & given him a lap dance. loser. at least she eliminated herself, that restored some of her dignity. megan was so dumb at the high tea. sure it's cute when girls r a little dumb but after awhile it becomes tedious. it sucked that she totally freaked at the airport. i felt bad 4 her 2. couldn't she buy some relazing pills at the airport? that just leaves jen & amanda. sure jen has a hawt body & i would give her a massage 2 but that's all she's good 4. she's a sweet person & i like her but if he ever wants 2 have kids it can't b with her. she's almost 50. amanda's my girl, not only is she able 2 pop out some babies, she's beautiful & honest & mature & reserved enough 2 not act like a fool despite the difficulties of her situation, & what a body. did i mention that?moreless
  • The final four ladies remain, and more tensions are rising between them. Two women will go on one-on-one dates, and the other two will go on a date together. Who will be left standing at the end?moreless

    Strangely enough, this episode seems to have cut a week off it's run. At the beginning, we learn that only two women will remain at the end of this episode, which was never mentioned before. There seemed to be even more character development, as Amanda continued to show her jealous streak, and Maria continued to be extremely intense. At this point in time, Jen seems to be the only normal, sane person there. Jayanna was given the chance to let Amanda know exactly what she thought of her, and to warn the other women. Already, the show was off to a good start! The salsa dancing segment was a bit boring and pointless. Absolutely nothing happened on that date. Even more boring was Mark's date with Megan. They drank tea. And that's it. Nail-biting, that was. Jen's date with Mark deserves it's own paragraph. Whether or not you will actually read this as another paragraph is totally up to None of my breaks ever show. Anyway, they ride on a beautiful horse-drawn carriage, complete with twinkling lights. They spend the evening, and most of the night together. Quite romantic. When elimination time comes around, Maria threatens to leave. She says that she's not feeling a connection, and it's time for her to go. This is shocking, as she hasn't threatened to leave for at least two weeks. Guess what? She finally eliminates herself! Take that, Mark. By my count, there's still three women left, and eliminations are over. Right? Eh. Not so much. Mark tells the ladies that they are going to Australia to meet his parents. His parents should be so proud! Megan immediately freaks out...and freaks out. When they get to the airport, Megan.....freaks out. She refuses to get on the plane, and with that, eliminates herself from the competition.

    I am not a huge dating reality show watcher, but I do believe that this is probably a rare occasion. Two women eliminating themselves from the competition? And on the same day? Mark must be a real catch! This episode was throughly entertaining, and it was definitely great to see a bachelor get dumped by two women. Hey, maybe he won't have to make that "life-altering, difficult" decision next week. One (or maybe even both) might make that choice for him!moreless

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