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  • As a 44 year old women, I was very intrigued by this show. I really got into it and yet didnt hold my breath when it came down to guessing who Mark would choose.. I was hoping that he would make what I believe to be the right choice, not an age thing..

    Did age have anything to do with Marks decision? Of course it did! I am a 44 year old women that truly looks like someone in there 20s but.. I AM STILL 44:) You know whats funny about this program? Mark wants children and his Greek mother had alot to do with his decision very comparable cultures. BUT whos to guarantee that a 20 something women would have no problems when it comes to fertility?! I know 3 girls right now that are in there 20s and are having a very hard time! Mark claimed that age did not matter?? RIGHT>> Its to bad that age does matter to some. The show isnt REAL, look at the dates, the setups did he have anything to do with the planning? "UNREAL" I believe Mark is basing his decision on looks and the potential kids thing. I think there were better choices then AMANDA as far as 20s and 40s!

    Amanda seems to be very insecure and I bet that she is extremly possesive too.That will get OLD. I knew he would pick her from the start, just a feeling and that was confirmed by the way he called her "babe" when they were in the tent. BTW Amanda went LOOKING for him whole he was on another date?! Didnt she understand what the show was about??LOL

    Its his life right? His choice.. his buisness? Well, I dont believe that, if it were a personal private decision he wouldnt have put himself on TV!

    Its strange to me, you may think I feel this way because of my age or that I might be hypocritical since I am dating so young. But, your off if your thinking on that track..

    This show confirms that there are people out there that say they want looks, independence, a women with a good head on her shoulders with family values.. and so on.. but in REALITY they are saying.. I want someone that will let me lead, someone not sure of themselves or what they want in life. Someone that is young enough to have children but will stay in the same shape as when I met them.. Someone needy and suspicious!! It saddens me that people pretend that age doesnt matter, he was lieing. So what ,he was willing to makeout with these older women.. THEY ARE HOT! no commitment there!

    I believe.. Looks Attract You But The Inside Keeps You.. so watch out Mark! Amanda is potential stalker material and then we shall see if AGE mattered.. Lucky you? I dont think so.

    I have dated men my age even though I am involved with a man younger as of now. There are many problems associated with the younger person thing. Some you can assume other things.. well its based on the individual. Attraction is a mysterious thing but I have realized it takes much more and not to say that someone younger doesnt have it.. it just seems like they are "On there way to finding it" and you may or may not be in the picture as they grow. No matter how "Mature" someone is for there age they simply have not lived long enough to have REALLY experianced the differance, or have the wisdom that it takes to fully commit. I have always had a young heart and have been the person I amthe same person today that I was years ago,for the most part. BUT experiance does matter.. I believe as we age we become less selfish and more compassionate and when we do love we are saying "I Love You More Then I Love Myself.. because before YOU there was just ME.

    As you age you value people in your life more and family goes along with that for me, I use to think my parents would always be there.. Invincible.. Now, as I have seen them grow older, with health problems and so on.. I appreciate each day so much more..

    So much goes along with age, its good.. its ment to be, none of us can stop it and if you value life and your experiances.. you wouldnt want to.

    I am very happy for where I am today and hope someone that I love will appreciate all of me... and not just focus on my DOB.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this!
  • mark met the women who're in their 20's, and as beautiful as they are, they lack maturity by comparison. the elimination round is, as the case with most of these shows, drawn out and over dramatized - a big snooze-fest.

    ok, NOW this is getting good. mark is seeing how little he has in common with any of the 20 yr olds, and seeing how they are in comparison to more mature women, it's looking like this experiment isn't such a far-fetched idea. choosing three for a date, he has a little fun and tries to "feel them out" a little better. (i tape shows like this so i can fast-forward through the elimination, but i look forward to seeing which way he goes in the end.) will he choose by using the brain in his head or the head in his pants? this guy may very well choose to be a hot 40-year-old's "boy toy", and this show will flaunt the advantages of older women. it's really too bad that very few men will ever watch this who aren't GAY
  • This show is not good at all. I just wish they would have made this show a little better (No Offense).

    This show is mediocre from my point of view because well this show is boring. I don't want to offend anybody by my review but if I did my apologies. I think this show is okay but they should of made this show like that old NBC show "For Love or Money".
  • Age of Love is yet another reality dating show, but with a "twist". It's young versus old in a battle to win the affections of one man. Who will prevail?

    As far as reality dating shows, this one is certainly not the worst. The bachelor, 30 year-old Mark Philippoussis is certainly no slouch when it comes to the appearance category. Personality, however......well, that is still up in the air. Mark is a formally top-ranked pro tennis player, and has been linked to certain celebrities. He has also only dated younger women in the past. The premise of the show is to pit older women against ladies half their age to win Mark's affection. Kittens vs. Cougars. Predictable? Absolutely.

    Mark has no idea that "Age of Love" is anything but a normal reality dating show. This comes to an end when Mark meets the first seven women. All of them are at least 9 years older than Mark, ranging from 39 years of age to 48. Mark's first impression can only be described as stunned.

    In an "extraordinary twist", the twenty-somethings are brought in. Hot, self-absorbed, and not very bright. Stereotypical editing by the producers has you rooting for the Cougars. Other than the age factor, "Age of Love" could be mistaken for "The Bachelor". There is definitely no shortage of cat fights and tears with this show. If you are extremely bored, and have nothing else to watch on Monday nights, then this is a good way to pass the evening.
  • "attractive" 30 something tennis star dates women ranging in age from 20 - almost 50 to prove the age-old question (pun intended) "Does age really matter?"

    Haven't we had more than enough of these reality dating shows where women stumble and trip all over themselves to catch the attention of some "super catch" guy?

    I thought for a moment this one would be different with the age twist, but after a few moments, I found myself cringing at how the "grown women" were behaving.

    Like a passerby drawn to a car accident, I watched an entire episode to see if the show really was as bad as it was coming off... and sadly, things didn't improve for me.

    I found the male "star" to be lacking in personality and I didn't particularly find any of the women (young or old) interesting. Usually when I watch one of these shows, someone will stand out as the best fit but I didn't really like any of the women.

    Now-- a real twist would have been if they had women ranging in age from 20 - 50 who look nothing like their age-- and he was told they were all his age... and even the players themselves weren't allowed to reveal their true age until he either chose them or eliminated them. That would be interesting and would test the "does age matter?" I'd love it if he ended up picking a 50 year old who looks 30 and then see his jaw drop when she reveals her age.
  • I love dating reality shows. I really like this show, what a unique take on the dating shows.

    20 and 40 somethings competing against the ages to win the attention of 30 year pro tennis player. To show that does age or love matter. Includes a group of thirteen special ladies. Oh my who will it be........ come on a i think its a set up they are going to have him with a 40 year old or are they????????
  • A guy has a choice between 20 year olds and 40 year olds.. oh gee, which will he choose? The suspense is killing me....... ughhhhhhhhhhh

    What is the point of this show? To show that men when given the choice between young and old(er) will choose younger despite whats between a woman ears? Not that the 40 years olds are all that bad looking, they do loook great for their age, but you could see by the look on his face, he was turned off, as 90% of guys would be. You know hes going to pick one younger hotties. Unless its revealed the women are loaded, then the guy might choose an older one. Most 30 year old guys want a woman not just for love, but to father their kids - the older womens eggs are all dried up, chances of them having kids are much smaller.

    This show is basically a rip off of AVERAGE JOE. I might tune in to the finale to see whether the outcome is a predictable as I think it will be... If I remember the show is on.
  • Only the second show of this type I've watched, and I'm liking it so far.

    Only the second show of this type I've watched, and I'm liking it so far. It looked interesting in the previews and I decided to give it a try. The last one I watched of this type was Joe Millionaire. One of the first things I noticed is the host is without a doubt the best looking between him and the bachelor tennis player. But Mrs. Ripa might have a problem with anyone touching him, but anyway I'm not really impress with the arsenal of women but then why should I be. I only watched the first episode just tonight and the older women came off as extremely needy. I actually don't think who lasts till the end will end up getting married to the tennis player. They'll probably date and that's about it. At this point, I really don't see him picking any of the older women. More than one of them are past the point of wanting to get married and have a baby. He doesn't seem like he's ready for that just yet. And the woman who has a son the same age as he is just weird. But overall I like it. I think it's most definitely watchable to see what happens. Unfortunately, I'll have to see the re-runs since this shows @ the same time as Hell's Kitchen, which will always take precedence over this show.
  • A rich Tennis Star from Down Under is made to endure the pouncings and endless 'meowing' of cougars and kittens (who really aren't THAT good looking: not enough to endure this show) as they fight over his chew toy!

    This show is simply a waste of time and air space! It's ABC's "The Bachelor" on NBC...with a twist: 'Can we get people to watch if we make it sound DIRTY by making age a factor?!' **Rolls eyes**

    Why in the world do these overpaid and talentless Network Writers feel that (especially when it comes to reality TV) they can throw any kind of 's**t' in a frying pan, add some seasoning, place it on a decorative plate, and serve it to us with all kinds of promises and flowers that it makes up for the fact that their ideas are still little more that the same ol' s**t that was served on the other channels LAST season?! It's insulting, and I think that (especially after the rise against the Jericho cancellation on CBS) these networks need to start respecting its viewers a bit more, and put a good deal more thought into what they're serving us!

    Don't waste your time, life, or intelligence on this P.O.S.! Find something more creative to do with your time...or at least somehting that won't kill your brain cells in the process (God knows there's some people out there that need to retain all the brain cells they can)...
  • what is the matter with people!

    This has to be the worst show ever. A washed up tennis player and bunch of desperate women looking for love makes for the worst show in TV history. The Scud needs to find a different thing because this makes him look like a complete and utter desperado. The creators need to think of something new because this has to be the worst copy of a show like the Bachelor which is crap. If anyone can make a crapper show on purpose they would be utter legends. But losers made this show for people like them called Losers, loser. a
  • My hero JD Roth created this show and in my opnion it is the best new show of the summer. Cougars vs. Kittens, HA! the perfect catfight. Is this a great country or what?

    Age Of Love is the best show of summer 2007 baby!!!! Mr. Tennis Star gets a chance to date women in their 20's and women in their 40's. He gets it both ways. They are all beautiful, they are all exciting, they are all successful, what more could a man ask for? I'm still waiting for the first catfight. I think the younger women are gonna start it. I mean yeah they are beautiful but let's admit it, some of them need to not add fuel to the fire. I mean it's bad enough for them they have to compete aganist each other, it will be worse when somebody throws down fighting words. But I know Mark will make the right decesion. He's a great tennis player, adventorous guy and unlike many jocks he isn't cocky at all. I think this show will change the perspectives of everyone who watches. I know it has changed my mind. Let the games begin (DING DING)
  • Age of Love could be informative as well as an entertaining "Reality Show." What do women of a range of ages seek in a relationship? Is there a vast difference in what women at the youngest end want verses the ones at the more mature end?

    This is a preliminary pre-viewing {Press Release) review:
    Age of Love could be the basis for a returning series if it can shed light on one of the most important areas of American life: What are women of varing ages looking for in a relationship? Is age a predictor of a woman's view toward pursuing dating happiness? Or are women's attitudes a result of individual differences?
    For more reviews, Google Search:
    Age of Love Could Save NBC From Summer of Cold Storage
    More reviews will follow as the show reveals the claws sheathed in the paws of the Kittens and the Cougars.
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