Age of Love

NBC (ended 2007)


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  • "attractive" 30 something tennis star dates women ranging in age from 20 - almost 50 to prove the age-old question (pun intended) "Does age really matter?"

    Haven't we had more than enough of these reality dating shows where women stumble and trip all over themselves to catch the attention of some "super catch" guy?

    I thought for a moment this one would be different with the age twist, but after a few moments, I found myself cringing at how the "grown women" were behaving.

    Like a passerby drawn to a car accident, I watched an entire episode to see if the show really was as bad as it was coming off... and sadly, things didn't improve for me.

    I found the male "star" to be lacking in personality and I didn't particularly find any of the women (young or old) interesting. Usually when I watch one of these shows, someone will stand out as the best fit but I didn't really like any of the women.

    Now-- a real twist would have been if they had women ranging in age from 20 - 50 who look nothing like their age-- and he was told they were all his age... and even the players themselves weren't allowed to reveal their true age until he either chose them or eliminated them. That would be interesting and would test the "does age matter?" I'd love it if he ended up picking a 50 year old who looks 30 and then see his jaw drop when she reveals her age.