Age of Love

NBC (ended 2007)


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  • mark met the women who're in their 20's, and as beautiful as they are, they lack maturity by comparison. the elimination round is, as the case with most of these shows, drawn out and over dramatized - a big snooze-fest.

    ok, NOW this is getting good. mark is seeing how little he has in common with any of the 20 yr olds, and seeing how they are in comparison to more mature women, it's looking like this experiment isn't such a far-fetched idea. choosing three for a date, he has a little fun and tries to "feel them out" a little better. (i tape shows like this so i can fast-forward through the elimination, but i look forward to seeing which way he goes in the end.) will he choose by using the brain in his head or the head in his pants? this guy may very well choose to be a hot 40-year-old's "boy toy", and this show will flaunt the advantages of older women. it's really too bad that very few men will ever watch this who aren't GAY