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NBC (ended 2007)


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  • As a 44 year old women, I was very intrigued by this show. I really got into it and yet didnt hold my breath when it came down to guessing who Mark would choose.. I was hoping that he would make what I believe to be the right choice, not an age thing..

    Did age have anything to do with Marks decision? Of course it did! I am a 44 year old women that truly looks like someone in there 20s but.. I AM STILL 44:) You know whats funny about this program? Mark wants children and his Greek mother had alot to do with his decision very comparable cultures. BUT whos to guarantee that a 20 something women would have no problems when it comes to fertility?! I know 3 girls right now that are in there 20s and are having a very hard time! Mark claimed that age did not matter?? RIGHT>> Its to bad that age does matter to some. The show isnt REAL, look at the dates, the setups did he have anything to do with the planning? "UNREAL" I believe Mark is basing his decision on looks and the potential kids thing. I think there were better choices then AMANDA as far as 20s and 40s!

    Amanda seems to be very insecure and I bet that she is extremly possesive too.That will get OLD. I knew he would pick her from the start, just a feeling and that was confirmed by the way he called her "babe" when they were in the tent. BTW Amanda went LOOKING for him whole he was on another date?! Didnt she understand what the show was about??LOL

    Its his life right? His choice.. his buisness? Well, I dont believe that, if it were a personal private decision he wouldnt have put himself on TV!

    Its strange to me, you may think I feel this way because of my age or that I might be hypocritical since I am dating so young. But, your off if your thinking on that track..

    This show confirms that there are people out there that say they want looks, independence, a women with a good head on her shoulders with family values.. and so on.. but in REALITY they are saying.. I want someone that will let me lead, someone not sure of themselves or what they want in life. Someone that is young enough to have children but will stay in the same shape as when I met them.. Someone needy and suspicious!! It saddens me that people pretend that age doesnt matter, he was lieing. So what ,he was willing to makeout with these older women.. THEY ARE HOT! no commitment there!

    I believe.. Looks Attract You But The Inside Keeps You.. so watch out Mark! Amanda is potential stalker material and then we shall see if AGE mattered.. Lucky you? I dont think so.

    I have dated men my age even though I am involved with a man younger as of now. There are many problems associated with the younger person thing. Some you can assume other things.. well its based on the individual. Attraction is a mysterious thing but I have realized it takes much more and not to say that someone younger doesnt have it.. it just seems like they are "On there way to finding it" and you may or may not be in the picture as they grow. No matter how "Mature" someone is for there age they simply have not lived long enough to have REALLY experianced the differance, or have the wisdom that it takes to fully commit. I have always had a young heart and have been the person I amthe same person today that I was years ago,for the most part. BUT experiance does matter.. I believe as we age we become less selfish and more compassionate and when we do love we are saying "I Love You More Then I Love Myself.. because before YOU there was just ME.

    As you age you value people in your life more and family goes along with that for me, I use to think my parents would always be there.. Invincible.. Now, as I have seen them grow older, with health problems and so on.. I appreciate each day so much more..

    So much goes along with age, its good.. its ment to be, none of us can stop it and if you value life and your experiances.. you wouldnt want to.

    I am very happy for where I am today and hope someone that I love will appreciate all of me... and not just focus on my DOB.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this!