Age of Love

Season 1 Episode 1

Series Premiere

Aired Monday 12:00 AM Jun 18, 2007 on NBC
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Series Premiere
Mark Philippoussis begins his search for the right woman. He is introduced to seven women ranging in age from 39 to 48. The women are upset to learn that only three of them will get to go on a date with Mark before the first elimination. Jayanna, Lynn and Maria are the lucky women selected to propel down the side of a building.moreless

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  • Very exciting and dramatic first episode. The Bachlor BS compared to Age Of Love.

    Mark Philoppouss is the woman that everyone in the world kitten or cougar wants to date. I was laughing at Mark's face when he heard each of the cougars ages. I was like "Be a man son, have some fun here" But when he started talking to the ladies he really connected with them and I loved seeing that. He's not a typical jock, he is actually a really nice guy and I like seeing nice people end up with good people like one of these lovely 40 somethin's. I liked seeing them propel from a 12 story building. They all faced their fears well except for Mark he is Mr. Pro at this and many other things. But I think he has obstacles too. And one of them will be dating women older than him. But I think he will fall for one of them over a kitten any day. These cougars are smart, funny, exciting to be around, and actually are real physically and personally. And above all, this is a challenge for him. I hope he picks someone great. As oppose to that Tara Reid!!! LOL Whore. Let the games begin!!!moreless
  • very interesting

    i think it was funny the way he didn't even try 2 hide his reactions when the cougars told him their age. his eyes bulged out so far, i'm surprised the women weren't offended! i also think it's great that he prefers brunettes which was obvious by his choice of ladies. the cougars were hawt. i have kind of always had a thing 4 older women so i could totally c myself dating the women on this show. i was younger than he was when i was dating women their age!! anyway, this guy is so well-spoken, i have 2 wonder if people r coaching him on what 2 say.moreless
  • A solid opening. Grabbed my attention with a clever twist on dating shows.

    I have to admit, I love the whole old vs. new concept. While "kittens and cougars" takes it a bit too far, this show does seem to be somewhat original. I think this was a good opening- seeing the guy's face when he was confronted with the old women was entertaining. And the "old" women definitely look great for their age. I'm rooting for one of the older contestants to win. Mark Consuelos was a refreshing choice of host- I'm one of the few people who actually liked Hope and Faith, so it was nice to see an old castmember. However, his interactions with the guy did seem forced- especially that sequence with the two of them sitting back and discussing the show. Age of Love has started off with a bang, and I'll definitely keep watching.moreless
  • Didn't get enough of The Bachelor this spring? Well, Age of Love is here to fill the void! Mark Philippoussis, an Aussie tennis star has to choose from a group of 20 year-olds and 40 year-olds. Hmm, what would a 30 year-old bachelor choose?moreless

    Didn't get enough of The Bachelor this spring? Well, Age of Love is here to fill the void! Mark Philippoussis, an Aussie tennis star has to choose from a group of 20 year-olds and 40 year-olds. Hmm, what would a 30 year-old bachelor choose?

    First we get to meet all the women. All the 40 year-old women, I should say. Except wait, one is only 39! The oldest by far is 48 and even boasts about her 25 year-old son. Maybe Mark can be his big brother AND his dad! The women are shown a teaser video and maybe it's the hot flashes, but they all get turned on and jokingly tease one another about it. Their biological clocks were audibly ticking. One thing I must admit is that these 40+ year-olds are the best looking women I've seen.

    But poor Mark isn't aware that he is meeting these women. When asked a leading question by the producers, he states he expects to meet women in their 20s. In case you missed it, NBC replayed it three times, just for dramatic effect.

    Probably the most exploitive moments come when Mark is first introduced to these MILFs. The women of course had to reveal their ages to Mark so we could watch his jaw drop and see him become more and more uncomfortable. During the social hour, Mark assessed the level of baggage each woman brought to the show, questioning their previous marital status and number of children that had spawned.

    The following day Mark took Maria, Lynn and Jayanna for a great get-to-know-you date: rappelling down a building. I say that with sarcasm because honestly how long does it take to rappel down a building? Really what he was testing was the women's openness to going outside their comfort zone. All the women get into it and are returned to their hotel suite in one piece.

    All too soon it's time for elimination. (I miss the 90 minutes of ABC's The Bachelor!) In an "interesting" twist, only four of the seven women are called to the elimination: Maria, Lynn, Jayanna and Jodie. There are no roses to give out (what about tennis balls?), but Mark retains Maria, Lynn and Jayanna and says goodbye to Jodie. After that emotionally trying time, ever-present (and ever-short) host Mark Consuelos reveals the latest twist to Mark P.: the 20 year-olds, the forbidden fruit one might say.

    Will Mark choose coquettes or the cougars? We'll find out this season on Age of Love!moreless
  • This is the worst “Bachelor” show yet! Didn’t even start off on a workable premise!

    I was really hoping that this show would be a fair look at the age old question, “Does Age Matter?” and it could have been just that if the producers had started the show with a guy in his mid thirties. Instead, they started out with a 3o year old who admitted to being a player and had only dated girls in their early twenties. This made the women in their forties immediate failures. The looks on his face when they told him their ages told the whole story. Then they brought out the girls in their 20’s and his face looked like a kid in a candy shop. My point is that the show was doomed to failure from the first episode by not starting out with a fair premise.moreless

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