Ah! My Goddess

Season 1 Episode 10

Ah! Can the Motor Club Win?

Aired Thursday 2:00 AM Mar 10, 2005 on Tokyo Broadcasting System
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The Nekomi Motor Club attempts to recruit new members, but now there's a new rival club called the Four Wheels that was started by Toshiyuki Aoshima. The motor clubs have a challenge race over who gets to keep their club around. Keiichi and Belldandy get to represent Nekomi in the race, but where there's Toshiyuki, there's sabotage. Can Keiichi and Belldandy pull through?moreless

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      • (Urd appears in Sayoko and Aoshima's booth overlooking the race track. Sayoko and Aoshima turn around and gasp.)
        Urd: When are you two gonna learn? There's no way Keiichi will ever lose to you. Alright, then (cracking knuckles) I guess it's time for me to administer your punishments again.
        (Lightning shoots out of the booth window as Aoshima and Sayoko scream.)
        Sayoko: Yow! Hey I didn't do anything this time!

      • Urd: And since that guy managed to piss Belldandy off, losing's not an option anymore so no worries, tough guy.
        Keiichi: Are you serious? She's that angry? (looks at Belldandy's back) Oh. Well, she doesn't look that mad to me.
        Urd: Oh yeah? Check this out. Belldandy?
        Belldandy: (turns around) Yes? Oh! I almost forgot. I made lunch for all of you today, and…
        Urd: (interrupting politely) Belldandy, about the upcoming race.
        Belldandy: (stern look) We shall win!
        (The motor club gasps.)
        Urd: But we don't have a car…
        Belldandy: We shall win!
        Urd: And there's no time..
        Belldandy: We shall win! We shall win no matter what! You agree with me, don't you Keiichi-san?
        Keiichi: Uh. Okay, sure!
        Urd: See? Now you know what the consequences will be if you lose, don't you?
        Keiichi: Uh, yeah.
        (Belldandy turns and gazes ahead with her serious look.)

      • Foreman: Hey there, kiddo. Wish I were young like you. Bet you don't get much sleep at night with a girl like her wink wink.
        (Keiichi is stunned.)
        Belldandy: (turns around) Huh? I don't understand? How could I keep someone from getting sleep?
        Keiichi: (franctically motioning with his hands while the foreman laughs) Ah, d-don't listen to him; he didn't mean anything by that.

    • NOTES (2)

      • Manga Corollary
        Kodansha / New Dark Horse: Volume 3, Chapter 22-23
        Old Dark Horse: Love Potion No. 9
        Chapter 22, Who Will Win the Champion Flag?
        Chapter 23, What a Miracle!
        Most of the road rally storyline pulls from this chapter.

      • Japanese crew not posted:
        Dramatization: Yoshihito Nishouji
        Animation Director: Masami Inomata

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