Ah! My Goddess

Season 2 Episode 14

Ah! My lovely Cupid

Aired Thursday 2:00 AM Jul 06, 2006 on Tokyo Broadcasting System

Episode Recap

Skuld is focusing on levitating a hex nut. She thinks of her bike experience and the feelings of accomplishing something. The nut flies in the air and then levitates above her hands. Skuld is happy when they hear Sentaro outside wrestling his bike with Banpei. Skuld goes to receive him while Belldandy and Keiichi remark how well they are getting along.

Outside, Skuld shows Sentaro the levitating trick. Sentaro is impressed and remarks how they're like magicians. Sentaro looks at Skuld and the nut flies out of control. Skuld almost falls and Sentaro catches her. Realizing they are touching each other, they quickly separate. Then they see Belldandy singing with her angel Holy Bell and go up to the fence to watch her. Sentaro asks Skuld if she has an angel, at which, Skuld is embarrassed but smiles saying she has one.

Later she is looking over her tiny little angel egg, pleading for it to open. She puts it in her mouth to incubate it when Urd surprises her, causing Skuld to swallow the egg. Urd tries to drag Skuld to her room to get some medicine but Skuld refuses. Then something flashes inside her body. Belldandy and Urd watch over Skuld and ponder whether to seal the angel. Belldandy and Urd start a spell to extract the egg out of Skuld. The egg rises and Urd is about to seal it but Belldandy tells her to wait. The egg hatches and an angel pops out! The angel is really tiny though, about a foot tall. Skuld wakes and sees Belldandy who directs behind her and sees an angel! The angel smiles and Skuld gives her a hug.

Skuld shows off Noble Scarlet to Sentaro, who asks what she can do. Skuld declares she's very useful and goes to show how. They go around the community and have some fun although Noble Scarlet really isn't much help. Later on Noble Scarlet struggles to deliver tea to Skuld and Sentaro but drops it. Belldandy and Urd talk about whether they should seal Noble Scarlet because of some potential issues.

Skuld is reading girls' comic with Noble Scarlet when Belldandy tells them of a phone call from Sentaro. After Skuld has fixed Sentaro's bike again, Sentaro asks her for a favor: to come watch him at a race tomorrow and cheer him on. As Skuld thinks, Noble Scarlet gets an idea and pushes Skuld into Sentaro, giving him a kiss on the cheek! Skuld is embarrassed and Sentaro rushes home. At temple, Skuld is upset at Noble Scarlet and tells her to get out. Belldandy and Keiichi talk with Noble Scarlet and say how Skuld will be better the next day. Keiichi rides off to get some ice cream. Noble Scarlet sits outside and thinks of Skuld, and vice versa.

At the bike race, Sentaro is waiting at the starting line. Noble Scarlet enters Skuld's room and drops off a bag of ice cream. Skuld tells Noble Scarlet she's not angry anymore. She notices the ice cream and ponder that she won't be attending the race. Noble Scarlet tries to pull her to go.

During the race, Sentaro is in second place and catching up but he sees that Skuld isn't cheering him on the hillside, and gets distracted. Then he trips over a person and wipes out. Skuld arrives just in time and cheers him on, so Sentaro gets back on his bike and continues racing. He starts overtaking the riders. The announcer says Sentaro has won the race. Skuld wants to go home but sees Noble Scarlet blocking her way. She says it's OK for Sentaro to see her like that, but Noble Scarlet wants one more push on Skuld towards Sentaro. Sentaro thanks Skuld for her support and gives her the award.

Afterwards Skuld congratulates Sentaro and waves goodbye. Skuld looks over the sunset on the bridge when she sees Urd and Belldandy who present her with Noble Scarlet in egg form. Skuld is confused, but realizes that she commanded Noble Scarlet to return to the egg. Belldandy says that when she matures and understands her weaknesses and strengths, her angel will return. Skuld cries some more at the loss of her friend.

Skuld and Sentaro walk from temple the next day. Sentaro asks what happened to Noble Scarlet, and Skuld replies she has gone away for a while but if Skuld works hard and become an adult she'll come and visit again. Sentaro says that would be great. Skuld agrees, as she wears her egg on a necklace.