Ah! My Goddess

Season 1 Episode 9

Ah! The Secret of the Queen and the Goddess.

Aired Thursday 2:00 AM Mar 03, 2005 on Tokyo Broadcasting System

Episode Recap

The episode opens on the Miss NIT campus queen pageant, Sayoko is called up to the stage for her turn to sing (everyone who participates is dressed in swimsuits), however Urd intervenes, wanting the attention of the crowd.

Sayoko and Urd argue about who has the better body and Urd manages to defeat Sayoko in the argument by pulling Sayoko's Bikini top down.

At this point Belldandy enters the stage and tells Urd to not enter the stage before its her turn. This causes the crowd to cheer in approval.

Sayoko is annoyed at how (she thinks) Belldandy is trying to upstage her. She then goes to start her song, but Enka music is played instead of Sayoko's song.

These causes Urd to fall asleep (as she does whenever she hears Enka music). Sayoko orders the music to be stopped, as it does Urd wakes up and says how she will punish anyone who puts on Enka music. Urd then sends a lighting bolt at the music stereo.

Belldandy puts out the fire caused by the bolt with a rain calling spell. Everyone calls it a "miracle".

Next we see the scores for the contest; Belldandy comes in first place with 999 points, and is the new MIT campus queen.

Next we see Belldandy and Keiichi at a party, they decide to leave before Urd makes them drink.

As they are driving off they almost hit Sayoko who is drunk in the road (Belldandy casts a spell to save her). They take her to her home and put her in bed they leave a note saying "Take care".

The next day Sayoko meets with Toshiyuki and they decide to find out what the strange power is.

They do this by first kicking a football at Keiichi, then by throwing water over him then by getting a dog to attack him, each time they try to film Belldandy using her powers to protect Keiichi, and each time they fail as something either gets in the way of the camera or the treat fails, such as Belldandy making friends with the dog that is supposed to attack.

Later Sayoko and Toshiyuki decide to kidnap Keiichi to get Belldandy to admit who she is, while Belldandy is at the cafe, they play Enka music to Urd and Kidnap Keiichi.

Belldandy gets back and Toshiyuki explains what they want, Urd tells Belldandy to go and look for Keiichi while she "handles" Toshiyuki.

By enquiring different animals Belldandy finds out Keiichi's location, however while she is doing this, we see Keiichi being tortured with various things such as snail on him and valuable collectable cars being smashed.

Meanwhile we see Urd take out Toshiyuki and his 2 gang members by putting earplugs in her ears so she cannot hear the Enka Music, she then attacks the three of them with whips.

Belldandy appears where Keiichi is and rescues him; Sayoko sees the magic Belldandy uses to enter the room and questions who she is.

Belldandy answers that she is a goddess and proves it by changing her clothes using magic. This causes Sayoko to faint. Urd appears with a knocked out Toshiyuki and casts a spell to make them forget everything.

At the end we see both Sayoko and Toshiyuki wake up, but neither remembers much.

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