Ah! My Goddess

Season 1 Episode 9

Ah! The Secret of the Queen and the Goddess.

Aired Thursday 2:00 AM Mar 03, 2005 on Tokyo Broadcasting System



  • Trivia

    • Sayoko still calls herself the campus "Queen", even though she formally lost her title to Belldandy.

    • Throughout the course of the series, Belldandy has told Sayoko the truth about her being a Goddess. Needless to say, Sayoko doesn't believe her.

  • Quotes

    • (Sayoko crashes toy cars as torture to Keiichi.)
      Keiichi: Stop it, please! Do you know how valuable these are?!

  • Notes

    • Manga Corollary
      Kodansha / New Dark Horse: Volume 2, Chapter 15
      Old Dark Horse: Final Exam
      Chapter 15, I'm the Campus Queen
      This is mostly an anime-only episode. A more detailed Campus Queen contest is in the manga chapter, including another race. Urd's weakness is revealed in a later chapter with Marller.

    • Japanese crew not posted:
      Screenplay: Hiroshi Watanabe
      Storyboard/Dramatization: Yoshihiko Iwata
      Animation Director: Yuuki Hishinuma, Osamu Sakata

  • Allusions

    • Lord Bacchus
      Bacchus was the Roman idol of wine. It makes a sense: Urd asked him to give Sayoko and her partner an "hangover", as they were drunk.

    • It's all Greek to me
      When Sayoko is talking on the radio she says "Initiate plan Alpha", then "Initiate plan Beta", then "Initiate plan Gamma". These are the first three letters of the Greek alphabet and the main forms of radiation. One would think if she was using military radio language, she would use Alpha, Bravo, Charlie for the plan sequencing, and use the Greek letters Alpha, Beta, Gamma for the squads.

    • Product Replacement
      Urd has a bottle that reads Dack Daniels. This is done in the same style and shape as the Jack Daniels whiskey.

    • Enka is a style of Japanese popular music that uses the Pentatonic scale and whose lyrics and themes are similar to what Americans have for country music.

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