Ah! My Goddess

Season 1 Episode 1

Ah! You're a Goddess!

Aired Thursday 2:00 AM Jan 06, 2005 on Tokyo Broadcasting System
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College student Keiichi Morisato must have some sort of unlucky star over his head. He runs late for school, gets picked on in class, and gets bossed around by his senpais (seniors) into doing chores for his dorm and the auto club. Nothing is going right. After a day full of unlucky chores, Keiichi calls back his senpais, he misdials and ends up calling the Goddess Assistance Agency! What happens from there on is something he never expected, as a beautiful girl appears in his room!moreless

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  • This episode which begins the story is one which shows about Keiichiand his misfortune greatly and how he still manages to keep his kindness. Belldandy does not in fact show up until the end of this episode, so it doesn\\\'t progress as quickly as the OVAmoreless

    The Timeless story of Belldandy and Keichi is retold in new animation which is best described as, \\\'unbalanced\\\'. The images and drawing is done well, but a lot more sci fi is put into the picyure with computer generated feathers which stand out against the drawn charcters. The story is told getting to know more about Keiichi Morisato before the goddesses in heaven intervened.

    The voice acting of all English speakers was well done, with the exception Belldanady was done, what i think well, Belldandy, I believe has too much of a high pitched voice and sounds much younger than she is meant to be depicted. For a fan of the OVa is is a quick change to watch the show in the japanese version which sounded more accurate. But this is but a mere matter of opinion. The initial storyline created in the OVA where Keiichi had called the wrong number and reached the goddesses instead of the Pizza shop was changed and in fact not there, the goddesses tapped into a line when Keiichi was calling the party where he believed that The Motorclubs president was at. Though these differences change and disturb the series for a fan of the OVA, a newcomer to the serties may find it a wonderful viewing experience and much more magical.moreless
  • A great kick off to a show that promises to be brilliant and capture hearts !!!

    The episode starts with a breath explanation of fate, just giving a gentle introduction to the show. After this we get to see the introduction of the mail character Keiichi Morisato.

    Unlike its previous make "Oh my Goddess" the OVA series, which consisted of 5 episodes, this new version goes into an in-depth discussion of Keiichi’s character. We get to see how bad his luck really is, yet, how despite this factor, he is still a kind generous person.

    At the end of the episode Belldandy is introduced, so the episode is not void of any Goddesses and leaves you on a cliff-hanger.

    Overall the first episode is brilliant as you really get the feel that this version of Ah! My Goddess will be more in depth and show us more of this fantastic anime.

Dan Green

Dan Green

Prof. Kakuta

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Kan Tanaka

Kan Tanaka

Prof. Kakuta

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Koichi Sakaguchi


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Noriko Shitaya

Noriko Shitaya


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    • Broadcast Information
      Japan is on a television schedule that starts the day at hour 4 (4am) to hour 28 (4am next day).

      The premiere episode occurred on January 6, 2005, even though it may have been broadcast after midnight (January 7).

      Some stations follow the western world format of 1:59am.

    • Manga Corollary
      Kodansha / New Dark Horse: Volume 1, Chapter 1
      Old Dark Horse: Wrong Number
      Chapter 1, The Number You Have Dialed Is Incorrect
      The first part of the opening chapter focuses on Keiichi's dorm chores and phone call.

    • Rebroadcast: Episodes 1-10 reaired in Japan in the Fall of 2005.

    • Opening Song
      "Open your mind / Chiisana Hana Hirogete"
      Lyrics and Performance by: Yoko Ishida
      Composer: Kohei Tanaka
      Arrangement: Masami Kishimuta and Shiro Hamajuchi

      Closing Song
      Lyrics and Performance by: Yoko Ishida
      Composer/Arrangement: Akifumi Tada

    • Ah! My Goddess DVD Volume 1 outtake segment: Sayoko asks what Belldandy is, and there's a bunch of details about Belldandy's spellcasting. Sayoko speculates that Belldandy could be a Magical Girl. Sayoko wants to be a Magical Girl too, and recites an incantation, but it doesn't work. Belldandy does the same incantation, turns into a dog, and chases Sayoko.

    • Volume 1, Always and Forever, contains episodes 1-5, an outtake segment, and voice actor interviews with Kikuko Inoue and Yoko Ishida.