Ah! My Goddess

Tokyo Broadcasting System (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Ah My Goddess OVA (2011)
      An OVA will be released with the Volume 42 manga on February 23, 2011.
    • Ah! Two People Sharing the Joy
      Still in disbelief that the creature was inside her, Lind can only sit helpless while Hild mocks her. After realizing that she doesn't have one angel, but two, Lind allows the angel eater to remove one of her angels. After escaping Hild's grasp, she tries to formulate a plan to get back Urd, Peorth, and Belldandy's angels with the help of Skuld and Keiichi. Little does she know, Hild has something special in mind for Belldandy.moreless
    • Ah! The One-Winged Angel's Descent
      A creature that can eat a Goddess' angel has escaped from heaven. In an attempt to find the creature and protect the goddesses, Lind returns to earth. She seals the temple area and thinks things are safe, but Urd falls victim to the creature, and then Peorth. Can she find the creature at stop it before she and Belldandy are next?moreless
    • Peorth decides that it's time to fulfill her other mission with Keiichi, and that is to get him to give a proper confession of love to Belldandy. Keiichi gets really nervous about it, and can't do it. Chihiro picks up on that and creates a situation for a confession but it doesn't work. Peorth decides to give Keiichi some "Special Training" on confessions, while Urd devises another one of her pills to enable Keiichi to say the words loudly and clearly.moreless
    • Keiichi, the goddesses, and the motor club gang visit a family friend's house, and meet a woman named Chieko Honda, but she is a contemporary of Keiichi's grandfather, and had passed away. Could she be a ghost? The goddesses apparently think so, and Keiichi must figure out the reason she's still around and the loose ends she's trying to have resolved.moreless
    • 9/14/06
      The demon queen Hild decides to take matters into her own hands as she traps Keiichi in a romantic situation with herself, and Keiichi is totally going along with the relationship. The goddesses investigate how Hild is able to control Keiichi without hypnosis or drugs, and take action when Hild does some uncovering of her own. Belldandy must make a tough choice of controlling her jealousy and love.moreless
    • Belldandy returns home with her reissued license. With it, she tries a spell but something goes wrong; her license is for demonic powers! As her sisters go to heaven to get it fixed, Belldandy spends time with Keiichi, but with the Ultimate Force working for evil, just about everything goes wrong. Whenever Belldandy tries to fix things, it has an ill effect on Keiichi. According to Marller, Belldandy will have to resort to being a demon to save him!moreless
    • Belldandy must spend a week without using her magical powers. Keiichi and the gang then get dumped on literally as all their friends and decide to store their things at the temple. Skuld creates a device that enlarges the storage room but when Keiichi and Belldandy use it, something goes wrong and they end up lost in a seemingly infinite space!moreless
    • A band of ninjas raid the temple to try to separate Keiichi and Belldandy so that Belldandy has to return to heaven.
    • 8/3/06
      Marller and Hild have an old lamp that they can use to trap people by projecting something they desire most and getting them to kiss the lamp.
    • Urd deals with her split personality, and ponders the eventuality of becoming a pure goddess. In order to become normal again, Urd resorts to calling the demon queen Hild, who also happens to be Urd's mother!
    • After confusing Keiichi and the goddesses, Devil Urd is confronted by the real Urd, and they battle it out. But just when Devil Urd has the upper hand, her weakness reaches her and she escapes. Urd plans to get rid of her by exploiting her weakness, but Belldandy realizes that in order to do that Urd would have to sacrifice herself. Skuld and the others try to come up with a way to save Urd.moreless
    • During their visit to the hot springs, Keiichi and the goddesses encounter Marller, who ends up socially drinking with Urd. But Marller manages to snatch a strand of Urd's hair, and uses it to make a clone to extract the demon side of Urd.
    • 7/6/06
      Skuld develops her goddess magic skills, and gets inspired to summon her angel, but accidentally allows the egg that holds her. The goddesses manage to extract the angel from Skuld's body and Noble Scarlet is born! The new little angel wants to help Skuld in any way she can, including setting her up with Sentaro.moreless
    • 6/29/06
      Belldandy rides a bicycle around and inspires Skuld to try to learn for the first time. But it proves to be difficult for the expert mechanic. Skuld is about to give up, when she meets a boy around her age, who offers to help her ride.
    • 6/22/06
      Urd receives a visit from a guy from her past. Could it be a former boyfriend?
    • This episode introduces Chihiro Fujimi, the senpai of Ohtaki and Tamiya, and the founder of their Motor Club. Chihiro is inspired when she sees Keiichi’s mini-bike, and suggests they have a race together. With the preparation and the actual race, Belldandy and Keiichi get a good glimpse of Chihiro’s character and motives.moreless
    • 6/8/06
      Realizing that he can't be stringing around Peorth and suspecting that Belldandy could be growing jealous again, Keiichi decides to tell Peorth his wish, but it turns out to be a fairly strong one: I want you to fulfill my desire. How will Keiichi be able to see that through and still be faithful to Belldandy?moreless
    • 6/1/06
      Keiichi accepts Peorth's invitation for a date. As always, the fourth goddess has some extra things planned. However things will not go exactly as Peorth wants, as the other three goddesses come along for the ride on the group date. After several dating situations have not gone the way she planned, Peorth has had enough and challenges Belldandy to a Goddess' Three Game Match where her own presence on Earth will be on the line.moreless
    • 5/25/06
      Peorth continues to hang out at the temple, meddling more and more in Keiichi's life. She belittles Belldandy's ability to fulfill Keiichi's wish, and angers the other goddesses to the point where they issue a contest to fulfill Keiichi's wishes, however simple or unintentionally perverted they might be. Then Peorth attempts to make her own version of the Love Potion by using one of Urd's ingredients, but that could result in some big time trouble for Keiichi.moreless
    • 5/18/06
      Keiichi accidentally makes another call to the Goddess help line, and summons the goddess Peorth, who makes her debut in this episode. But since Keiichi already got what he wished for with Belldandy, he doesn’t ask for anything else, but Peorth is intent on having Keiichi wish for something significant, and will stay there until he does.moreless
    • 5/11/06
      Keiichi receives his first love letter from a cute second-year student named Shiho. The girl is more than happy to see him; in fact, she senses evil spirits around Keiichi, and attempts to exorcise them! Shiho even visits their home to perform a large-scale cleansing. Belldandy remains strangely silent as she attempts to deal with her feelings of a different girl giving Keiichi some attention.moreless
    • During a fundraising campaign for the motor club where they attempt to fix vehicles, Keiichi’s Senpai, Ohtaki, helps out a young woman, Satoko, with her motor scooter, and ends up being attracted to her. Keiichi and Belldandy help Ohtaki ask Satoko out on a date. Toshiyuki Aoshima is not pleased about the date, after all Satoko is the University Director's daughter. He attempts to foil the date and a meeting with Satoko's father, but Ohtaki may have a bit of luck on his side thanks to Belldandy.moreless
    • Keiichi and the gang are invited to Sayoko’s big Christmas gala. Sayoko hopes to embarrass Belldandy with a bunch of sideshows and a drinking contest but Belldandy is unaffected by it. But when she tries a can of Coke for the first time, Belldandy’s demeanor changes, and wherever she spreads happiness, a different sideshow happens on Keiichi!moreless
    • Keiichi looks for a gift in response to Belldandy's in the previous episode, and Urd convinces him into getting a ring, but that ring he's interested in is out of his price range, which means having to work extra hard and doing extra jobs to save up for it. With only a few days left until Christmas, will Keiichi be able to save up enough and yet keep his moonlighting a secret from Belldandy?moreless
    • The Christmas season is just getting started, and Sayoko is anything but merry. She's complaining of an "empty" feeling that consumes her. Unable to think of any other reason for her feeling, she blames Keiichi for it since he is the only man at the university who does not vie for her attention. She concludes that in order to fill the void in her heart, she must win Keiichi's affection. Meanwhile, Urd hints to Belldandy that humans are easily affected by the cold weather and that Keiichi runs the risk of becoming ill. Belldandy knits all of her emotions and memories into a very special sweater for Keiichi. After Keiichi finds Sayoko drunk on the side of the road, Belldandy is accidentally sent on a search to find Keiichi's sweater, Keiichi on a date with Sayoko, and Sayoko is forced to learn a lesson about feelings.moreless
    • 4/6/06
      Damage to Yggdrasil from the incident with the Lord of Terror causes Keiichi's wish to be lost. Without a contract binding her to Earth, Belldandy is notified that she will have to return to Heaven unless Keiichi's wish can be restored. Belldandy's time on Earth is limited. Keiichi states that he wants to treasure the time he spends with Belldandy, and musters enough courage to invite her on a date.moreless
  • Season 1