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  • awesome show!

    spent hours and hours watching this show non stop, a great combination of fantasy, humor and most specially love. this is such an amazing series, i really hope and pray more will come up soon. this doesn't have to end, this show teaches so many things. it breaks so many peoples heart seeing this show end. please more!!!
  • I love this show, and the way how I found it was kind of strange.

    First if you are reading this because you want to know the story I will separate it for the review. Note: The story about how I found this show may not be suitable for young readers. Review:This is a great show that will make you say "Why does it have to end". By the end of the fist season you will be trying to call that help line too, and by the end of the second season you will people create you on real life season of it.
    Story:This is the story of how I found the show. I was looking up some animated 18+ stuff(hay I warned you about this). Then I saw Belldandy and wanted to know more about here and then I that is how I got into it.
  • A great show.

    I really like this show. I think this show is funny, cute, and magical. This show is about Keiichi Morisato, a normal college student who one day makes a call for food. He accidentaly calls the "Goddess Helpline", and Belldandy, a beatiful, kind goddess decends from heaven, and visits Keiichi. Belldandy offers Keiichi a wish. Keiichi wishes that Belldany would stay by his side forever. Keiichi then meets a monk, who goes out for training, and lends Keiichi his manor. Keiichi, and Belldandy have many adventures together. The humor in this show is really funny, but sometimes boring. One of the funniest moments in the show in my mind, was when Saiyoko had a fasion show, or something like that. Saiyoko gets a 100 out of ten on her singing, but Belldandy gets a 1,000,000 out of ten. I was cracked up after watching that part. The dialog in this show is awesome! The love moments will keep you guessing on what Keiichi will do to Belldandy. They were soooo close to finally kissing, but accidents happen all the time. The music in this show is good. Although, I did not have much interest in it. The music I really liked was Belldandy's singing. Sometimes, I just wanted to cry listening to it. Overall, funny humor, awesome dialog, good music, lovable characters. I would recommend this show to anoyne who loves anime.
  • I expected more of it

    I mean the idea is very interesting, but the developement is not so. Season one was fairly good, I must agree. It is the reason I gave the show a 7. We were introduced to the characters, there were funny/silly situations, some japanese humour, a little romance, fantasy - well, a mixture of good stuff. However, the show could have finished by the end of season one. Still, they made a sequel.

    Season two could be shortly described as boring. Seriously, it was a torture to watch it. The episodes were ither unoriginal or incredibly stupid, so I still can't imagine how I finished it. I heard rumours about a season 3, but luckily it seems they were nothing more but rumours.
  • awsome fun filled actiony drama today.

    this show ah my goddess is about three angels, that a normal guy comes across. See the episodes and see how three angels can change one persons life. Experience the romance, action, and this fun filled show. if you can't see any episodes try and get or borrow thie book, i would recemend it. So go get your daily action, fun filled drama now. I say don't wait any minute. So find a website or book, even a dvd or vedio. ah my goddess out now. And don't forget have a fun filled actiony drama day today.

    thank you for reading
  • The story of Keichi and Belldandy, and such a good one too.

    First off, let me say that I am a lover of mythology, and I am so happy that I took mythology before I ever even heard of this series. It is just packed with Norse mythology that makes me just clap and say 'HA!', because I know the reference. Honestly, I never would've thought that a Japanese manga would encompass the western elements of Norse mythology, and that's one reason I love it. The other reason I love it is because it's something different, I haven't been exposed to the late 80's and beyond elements of romanticism in manga, and this one is just so nice to be able to read with the funny moments and the friendship and love elements, it's just great. My only thing that I dislike is the atrocity that the series is older than I am (and by that I mean it's been running for longer than I've been alive), It's been going since '88 and it only has about 234 Chapters, I think it should be done by now, 20 years on a manga just seems like too long, but otherwise, it gets my thumbs up.
  • Becareful what you wish for it may include a goddess!

    Ok I will admit this series has had me teetering on a knifes edge, first on whether or not to watch it at all, then whether or not I liked it. Finally I am proud to say that I am a fan through and through. I never had the pleasure of seeing the OVA episodes but I am glad that I didn't. Without seeing the OVA episodes I got a more complete story with out trying to relate the characters back to those OVA episodes. Moving on to the characters, setting, and music; first the characters are believable (well minus the whole god like magic) you really begin to care and hope for them. Belldandy and Keiichi are beautiful together and when they are together there is not another team that can beat them. As for Belldandys' sisters… well you will have to watch. The city is beautiful with an awesome IT school, which is where everyone goes to school, and the shrine is perfect for a home. The music is breath taking at times and at others is just background. Belldandys' singing is superb. Overall this is a cute series with lovable characters and a very interesting storyline. On a side note there is little to no fan service.
  • I just hope they just air it soon cause it is really really so so cool... i hope they continue this show! :D

    I hope they make A season 3. They Must, i have been waiting for almost 2 years for this season ... i heard they cant air it cause they are lacking money. They say they need more people watching it and buying DVDS ... i hope they can air it... they must if they don't at least put it in DVD ... They must air it ... because of this show i learned how to ride a bike... seriously... I hope they air it , i really hope ... cause this show is so so funny and i really want to watch more. I hope they air it soon!! i hope it will get a good result
  • A decent show but the main character is "too pure" it makes my head ache sometimes.

    Well, where do I begin? The animation is decent and the voice acting is very good in this show. The characters and their relationship with each other is interesting, especially those from the University.

    Unfortunately, this show tries to do two things at once. Most part of the show is taken up by slice-of-life love comedy which can be a good laugh. My personal favourates are the Queen vs Goddess episodes which I found quite hilarious. However, every time something happens to disrupt the main relationships, Belldandy and Keiichi's thought processes become rather repetitive and the lines they say to each other basically becomes...boring.

    The second thing the show tries to do is the superpower battle genre. There is a Devil vs Goddess arc at the end of each season which gets all too serious when one is used to seeing the slice-of-life part. Belldandy, the main Goddess is simply too innocent and almost pathetic against the devils, especially in the first season.

    I seem to have gone on an anti-Belldandy rant but I do like her. Just that the producer/author should have made her a *little* bit stronger.

    I enjoyed the OP of the first season while the volume of the bagpipes were overwhelming in the second.

    I have the number 55% (yes, British Unicersities are anal and I'm in one right now) in my head for this show. Now, if I convert this to TV.com where 9.2 is "average"...I'll settle for 8.5.

    As final comments, I enjoyed this show as a whole because it was nice and pretty but I just felt some things were seriously lacking.
  • Oh My Goddess!, also known as Ah! My Goddess, is a seinen manga series by Kosuke Fujishima.

    The manga tells the story of college freshman Keiichi Morisato, who, because of his pure heart, has been chosen by Yggdrasil, Heaven's computer system, to receive a single wish. The "angelic" goddess Belldandy is sent down to Earth to ask for his wish, and tells him that he can potentially wish for anything that he wants, from becoming a billionaire to destroying the world in an instant. First, Keiichi thinks that this entire meeting is a prank set up by his senpais, but during their short meeting, he soon realizes that she's the only person who truly understands and appreciates him. Being enchanted by her, Keiichi wishes that someone like Belldandy stay with him forever, under the condition that the offer is valid. Ironically, he does not fully comprehend the outcome of his wish, and is stunned on realizing that Belldandy will now be living with him. The manga/anime follows their relationship as they become closer to each other. The varying anime series feature the main characters and are based on the same basic plotline as the original manga, but each has taken a unique interpretation on this concept — described below — and, as such, should be considered separate canons. The only exception to this is the more recent TV series, which follows the plot of the manga closely. Being a mechanical otaku himself, Fujishima frequently bases whole chapters, or even story arcs, around mechanics, focusing especially on motorcycle mechanics. Most notably, readers discover that Keiichi Morisato is a member of his college's motor vehicle club, which is always under threat of being put out of commission by a rival motor club. There are also several story arcs related to racing found earlier in the manga; the concept of racing is also a significant plot device in each of the anime canons. Both Keiichi and Belldandy are exceptionally gifted at racing (Keiichi because of natural ability and Belldandy because of her ability to "talk" with the machines). Most of the other main characters have exhibited some degree of skill in racing and/or mechanics, making the idea of mechanics a significant device for character development and growth.
  • its an awsome anime ever and lets hope they make a season 3

    Keichii Morisato was just an unlucky college student until a he dials the wrong telephone number and reaches the goddess help line. He then meets belldandy and wishes that a goddess like her could stay by his side forever. This show is hilarious!! It has a good plot and is very interesting. The relationship between Keichii and Belldandy is a really cute one too! The series takes an interesting turn when belldandy's sisters start coming in. All in all this show is very good and the animation is excellent
  • Although I think that this series is on hiatus, I really want the director to make a 3rd season! This is a very romantic, funny, interesting, and heart-warming series. :)

    It all started when a college student named Keichi Morisato dialed for someone, only to find out that he has contacted the Goddess Assistance Agency in Heaven. Then a Goddess named Belldandy appears from his mirror and tells Keichi that she can grant one of his wishes. And so, Keichi tells Belldandy that "He wants a Goddess like her to stay with him forever". Thus, Belldandy grants Keichi's wish. Well, through-out the series, Keichi & Belldandy's relationship will progress from being friends to being in love with one another. And that's not all, their relationship strengthened with the help of Belldandy's sisters, Urd & Skuld, along with Keichi's acquaintances. :) It is a really romantic and funny series, and I think all ages can enjoy it.
  • this show is great, it's got almost everything anime shows need, it's got a romantic story, ithas plenty of funny scenes and a bit of action involed. What more could a anime fan ask for.

    It all starts when Keiichi Morisato acitendlly dialed the wrong when ting to order food. Instead he called the goddess help line. Then Keiichi Morisato was given one wish and his wish was "I wish for a goddess like you would stay by my side foever" (something close to that but anyway).
    From then on Keiichi Morisato must now with a goddess and her name is Belldandy. From that point on Keiichi life gets pretty bad, but when they find a home they both live in things do start to calm down. That is until Keiichi has to go to school then things start to get bad a again
  • A delightful romantic comedy with beautiful and charming characters from heaven! For those who thought the Oh My Goddess animes were too short and longed for a remake, here it is.

    The first season is quite faithful to the manga. It introduces all the main characters very gradually, and times the scenarios with the typical stories. This is helpful in reconnecting with the fanbase who have read the manga or know their story for over ten years. Because of this strong correlation, many of the early episodes are highly predictable.

    The second season definitely gets racier than the first. The creators must have picked up on the fanbase, catering to that mature crowd with more adult situations from Keiichi falling on top of Belldandy in a compromising situation to a few kisses and grabs that would make Howard Stern comment. But while some characters get out of control, Belldandy still retains her dignity, after all she's still a goddess. Many of the resolutions will have you going awww that's sweet.

    The Japanese voice acting is incredible, full of veteran voice actors like Kikuko Inoue who is without a doubt the PERFECT Belldandy with every breath she takes, Masami Kikuchi (Keiichi) who is also known for Tenchi in a similar series, Yumi Touma (Urd) who's been in a ton of voice roles, and Aya Hisakawa (Skuld) doing her great little sister voice. The other voices aren't throwaways either like Miss Pikachu Ikue Ohtani (Sora), Mamiko Noto (Sayoko), and Rei Sakuma (Peorth). The English voice acting is decent; Vibe Jones sounds like Samantha Jones, and the others don't detract much from the story except when they try to say Yggdrasil (how DO you say that anyway?), but when you have so much talent from the original cast, there's hardly any reason to tune into the English dub except for understanding.

    The Music and Sound Effects in the series are well placed for a cute sitcom. All the opening and closing themes are different in style. The first opener sounds like a Renaissance Faire, while the second goes for a bagpipe theme. Both are sung really nicely by Yoko Ishida.

    The graphics are above average, and any computer-generated graphics blend in with the scenes. The characters are drawn well with decent shading, very faithful to the manga, and they even have the classic anime reactions. I can't remember if I saw the cheap "same frame but only the mouths move" tactic or the "eyebrows are on top of their hair" annoyance, and that's probably a good thing if I can't spot that in an anime. It's hard to tell how long they can stretch this series when they've already gone through a good chunk of the manga material, and have moved onto their own stories. Will it go the way of Inuyasha and Naruto, which continues to grow an audience, or will it fade or drag on like Ranma 1/2? Its time slot isn't hopeful but if it can attract new fans with stories it has a chance of being a classic like its print version.
  • Keichii Morisato was just an unlucky college student until a he dials the wrong telephone number and reaches the goddess help line. He then meets belldandy and wishes that a goddess like her could stay by his side forever.

    This show is hilarious!! It has a good plot and is very interesting. The relationship between Keichii and Belldandy is a really cute one too! The series takes an interesting turn when belldandy's sisters start coming in. All in all this show is very good and the animation is excellent. I have all but volume six but i was hooked from the 1st episode of this show. A must watch for any anime fan!!
  • be carful what you wish for... then again don't be.

    Ah! My Goddess begins with Keiichi Morisato searching rapidly through the phone book for a place to order food. By mistake, he dials the "Goddess Help Line", and out of nowhere the beautiful goddess Belldandy appears and tell Keiichi she will grant him one wish. Though startled, Keiichi began to think that the whole thing was an elaborate prank and he wishes to have Belldandy with him his entire life. And just like that, Keiichi’s fate is forever bound with that of Belldandy’s. He finds himself living alone with Belldandy in an old abandoned temple because he got kicked out of his dorm for having a girl with him. From there the craziness just seems to grow.
    Belldandy has an older sister Urd who constantly trys to hook up keiichi and bellandy. Then there is Belldandy's younger sister Skuld who acts the complete oppisite as urd and wants keiichi to stay away from Belldandy. The whole series is based around the growing realtionship.
  • Keiiichi calls a wrong number and reaches the Goddess Help Line. Belldandy comes down from heaven and offers him a wish. He wishes that che stay with him forever. The story is the deeping relationship between the two and the problems with the wish.

    Ah! My Goddess is a favorite of mine for many reasons. The main reason is that many people I think can relate to the predicament Keiichi finds himself in. His character is very human. He is not the smartest, coolest, or most athletic. He is a normal down to earth guy. This show develops the characters and show how they grow overtime. How Keiichi starts to come out of his shell little by little. It has everything; action, romance, comedy, and drama. Ah! My Goddess is a show that everyone can find something they like in it. That is what makes it such a great program
  • a true love story

    Ah! My Goddess is everything a guy wants. You love a goddess and she loves you. What else do you want?

    The TV series follows the manga very closely, but in terms of the drawing itself is not as good as compared with the OVA series.

    But anyways, wait for the second season of the TV series.
  • i love this anime it is so cute.

    Keiichi is looking forward to university life. But in reality, he has no luck in anything, and he has trouble with clubs, love, etc. The truth is that he has an unlucky star above his head. One day, Keiichi is stuck watching the dorm while his sempai are away, and has a mountain of chores to do to boot. But Keiichi is a good-natured person, and is set about doing his duties. As he is about to finish his final chore, he makes a phone call to order food. But the words that came through the receiver are, 'Goddess Help Line.' Shortly afterwards, a beautiful goddess named Belldandy appears in front of him from the mirror of his room
  • Let me start out by saying that Ah My Goddess is one of my favorite anime.

    The allure of Ah My Goddess lies in the absolute sincerity and honesty that all of its characters possess. Imagine the situation - a boy half heartedly makes a wish and a second later, he and a girl he doesn’t know are contractually bound together forever. Sure, you’ve most likely seen the basic premise before - girl meets boy and then the two live together in a house full of girls that share an interest in the relationship - but Ah My Goddess is unique in the heart warming sincerity and openness that each of its characters possess. And the focus is on the positive instead every obsessive detail that most comedic romances use as slapstick. The story that ensues follows them as they work through the details of being a couple and begin to fall in love.
  • well there going to redo the show the way it should of been in the first place. look forwad to a long show this time around. its going to be done from the Manga this time. take a look for more info...

    here is a list of whats to come...

    VOLUME 1
    Chapter 001 - Wrong Number
    Chapter 002 - Into the Lair of the Anime Otaku
    Chapter 003 - A Man's Home is His...Temple?
    Chapter 004 - College Exchange Goddess
    Chapter 005 - Those Whom Goddess Has Joined Together Let Not Woman Put Asunder
    Chapter 006 - SLP Camera - Mission Accomplished
    Chapter 007 - The Lullaby of Love
    Chapter 008 - The Megumi Problem
    Chapter 009 - The Apartment Hunting Blues

    VOLUME 2
    Chapter 010 - Naked Victory
    Chapter 011 - Let Flowers Bloom
    Chapter 012 - Leader of the Pack
    Chapter 013 - System Force Down
    Chapter 014 - Sexy Sister
    Chapter 015 - I'm The Campus Queen
    Chapter 016 - What Belldandy Wants Most

    VOLUME 3
    Chapter 017 - Turkey With All The Trimmings
    Chapter 018 - Life's Just a A Game of Sugoroku Routette
    Chapter 019 - Final Exam
    Chapter 020 - Belldandy's Narrow Escape
    Chapter 021 - The Secret's Out!
    Chapter 022 - Winner Take All
    Chapter 023 - What a Miracle

    VOLUME 4
    Chapter 024 - On a Wing and a Prayer
    Chapter 025 - Love Potion #9
    Chapter 026 - The CD From Hell
    Chapter 027 - Mara Strikes Back!
    Chapter 028 - The Scales of Love
    Chapter 029 - Sympathy for the Devil
    Chapter 030 - Mystical Engine

    VOLUME 5
    Chapter 031 - Valentine Rhapsody
    Chapter 032 - The Third Goddess
    Chapter 033 - The Goddesses' Big Crisis
    Chapter 034 - Urd Goes Berserk
    Chapter 035 - Urd's Terrible Master
    Chapter 036 - The Ultimate Destruction Program

    VOLUME 6
    Chapter 037 - Urd Calls Forth the Beast
    Chapter 038 - The Secret of the Lord of Terror
    Chapter 039 - Confession
    Chapter 040 - Robot Wars
    Chapter 041 - Morisato's Big Test
    Chapter 042 - Urd's Fantastic Adventure

    VOLUME 7
    Chapter 043 - Belldandy's Tempestous Heart
    Chapter 044 - The Queen of Vengeance
    Chapter 045 - Mister Unhappy
    Chapter 046 - Thank You
    Chapter 047 - Good-bye and Hello

    VOLUME 8
    Chapter 048 - The Forgotten Promise
    Chapter 049 - The Lunchbox of Love
    Chapter 050 - Meet Me by the Seashore
    Chapter 051 - You're So Bad
    Chapter 052 - Ninja Master

    VOLUME 9
    Chapter 053 - Law of the Ninja
    Chapter 054 - Together for Never
    Chapter 055 - Jealous Love
    Chapter 056 - It's Lonely At The Top
    Chapter 057 - Fallen Angel

    VOLUME 10
    Chapter 058 - Play the Game
    Chapter 059 - Sorrow Fear Not
    Chapter 060 - Karaoke Hell
    Chapter 061 - Evil Spirits: 200 Proof

    VOLUME 11
    Chapter 062 - Skuld Strikes Back
    Chapter 063 - The Battle for Urd
    Chapter 064 - Shadow and Light
    Chapter 065 - SuperUrd
    Chapter 066a - Fourth Time's a Charmer
    Chapter 066b - I'll Do Anything For You
    Chapter 067 - Are You Being Served

    VOLUME 12
    Chapter 068 - The Battle For Keiichi
    Chapter 069 - The Dating Game
    Chapter 070 - When A Man Loves A Woman
    Chapter 071 - A Goddess Never Forgets
    Chapter 072 - Men Are From Earth, Goddesses Are From Yggrasil

    VOLUME 13
    Chapter 073 - Childhood's End
    Chapter 074 - Crazy Little Thing Called Love
    Chapter 075 - The Queen and The Goddess
    Chapter 076 - Hail to the Chief
    Chapter 077 - Forever Grrls

    VOLUME 14
    Chapter 078 - Live to Work, Work to Live
    Chapter 079 - Pretty in Scarlet
    Chapter 080 - The Goddess Apprentice
    Chapter 081 - Call Me Queen
    Chapter 082 - And Then There Was One

    VOLUME 15
    Chapter 083 - Sayoko or Bust!
    Chapter 084 - At Sayoko's Side
    Chapter 085 - Back Where You Belong
    Chapter 086 - Megumi vs. The Queen
    Chapter 087 - The Secret Of Speed
    Chapter 088 - Two Hearts Beat as One
    Chapter 089 - Another Me?
    Chapter 090 - Never Let Go

    VOLUME 16
    Chapter 091 - I Wanna Hold Your Hand
    Chapter 092 - Welcome
    Chapter 093 - The Sorrows of Banpei
    Chapter 094 - The Boy Who Could See Goddesses
    Chapter 095 - The Beginning of the End
    Chapter 096 - Memories of Youth
    Chapter 097 - Return of the Goddess

    VOLUME 17
    Chapter 098 - Light and Shadow
    Chapter 099 - The Trouble With Doublets
    Chapter 100 - Time Without End, Hope Without End
    Chapter 101 - Turn Back, Oh Time
    Chapter 102 - Come Walk With Me
    Chapter 103 - Getting to Know You
    Chapter 104 - Almost My Hero

    VOLUME 18
    Chapter 105 - Unlicensed Goddess
    Chapter 106 - Wide, Wider, Widest
    Chapter 107 - As Long As You're With Me...
    Chapter 108 - Traveler
    Chapter 109 - Missing Time
    Chapter 110 - The Ghost of the Pass
    Chapter 111 - Sightings
    Chapter 112 - Three of a Perfect Pair

    VOLUME 19
    Chapter 113 - Welcome Back
    Chapter 114 - Meet Doctor Moreau
    Chapter 115 - Android Dreams
    Chapter 116 - The Trap of Doctor Moreau
    Chapter 117 - Man? Machine?
    Chapter 118 - The Sign of Life
    Chapter 119 - I Choose You, Sora!
    Chapter 120 - The Shortcut to Winning

    VOLUME 20
    Chapter 121 - Director's Curse
    Chapter 122 - Special Training
    Chapter 123 - Drive
    Chapter 124 - Miles and Miles
    Chapter 125 - The Race Gets Hot, A Goddess Gets Hotter!
    Chapter 126 - Aberrant Kiss
    Chapter 127 - The Strongest Magic

    VOLUME 21
    Chapter 130 - The Demon Over There
    Chapter 131 - The Things That Can Be Done
    Chapter 132 - The Thing Goddesses Do Not Forget
    Chapter 133 - Longer Legs, Stretching, and a Cat
    Chapter 134 - Last Resort
    Chapter 135 - What the Daimakaicho Wants

    VOLUME 22
    Chapter 136 - Agreement? Contract?
    Chapter 137 - Co-starring
    Chapter 138 - Mothe--

    VOLUME 23
    Chapter 142 - Bell and Keiichi and a Troubling Guest
    Chapter 143 - Father Running Wild
    Chapter 144 - Goddess Garden
    Chapter 145 - Father's Hell
    Chapter 146 - Decision Time
    Chapter 147 - Mother's Battle, Father's Battle
    Chapter 148 - Let's Dance

    VOLUME 24
    Chapter 149 - About Meeting While Racing
    Chapter 150 - Towards The Believing Road
    Chapter 151 - Prepared to Win, Prepared to Lose
    Chapter 152 - The "True Self"
    Chapter 153 - Ah! Hot Spring
    Chapter 154 - I Dub Thee "Yufuin"
    Chapter 155 - Fighting Wings

    VOLUME 25
    Chapter 156 - One Who Is Pleased With Fighting
    Chapter 157 - The Wing Dances
    Chapter 158 - One-Winged Angel Appears
    Chapter 159 - A Growing Trick
    Chapter 160 - Now What Must Be Done
    Chapter 161 - One Wing
    Chapter 162 - Goddess of the Ax

    VOLUME 26
    Chapter 163 - Fighting Wings, Soar
    Chapter 164 - Joy and Duty
    Chapter 165 - Together With The Twin Angels
    Chapter 166 - In Order to Call Together
    Chapter 167 - Inside Belldandy
    Chapter 168 - Angel's Scenery
    Chapter 169 - That Which I Want To Save

    VOLUME 27
    Chapter 170 - Planetwide Search
    Chapter 171 - Farewell Kiss
  • Morisato Keiichi is a college student who doesnt have any luck.One day,when he was looking after his senpai's dorm,Keiichi was supposed to call a friend of his senpai but,he called the wrong number.Instead,he accidentally called the GoddessAssistanceAgenc

    This show is a one of a kind gem that doesn't come around very often. Its a great show with great characters and character development. Belldandy is beautifully drawn, and her kind, soothing personality makes this character very likeable. Keiichi's reactions to the awkward situations that he is put into is hilarious. The show also has a dark side to it involving demons and mythical creatures which come onto play later in the series. I hope that they make a second season because i would love to see more of Belldandy and Keiichi's adventures and whether they will finally admit their feelings to each other.