Ah! My Goddess - Season 1

Tokyo Broadcasting System (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • Ah! Please don't look at me like that!
    Hoping to move Keiichi and Belldandy's relationship along, Urd fashions a love candy for Keiichi, but Skuld suspects something and slips in some additional ingredients. But then Belldandy consumes it instead, and it turns her into a very romantically bold woman, or a tramp as Urd puts it. Can Keiichi contain himself as he and Belldandy go on a date?moreless
  • Ah! I’m Always With You
    It's the final showdown where the goddesses, Belldandy and Skuld, battle against the Lord of Terror, who has now possessed Midgard! With the whole world at stake, what can Keiichi do to help? Perhaps another attempt at the flute will do the trick, and that almost works, except now the Lord of Terror has possessed Keiichi!

    Could this be the end of the world? Will Belldandy be able to save her love? Watch the episode or read the recap for this exciting season finale!moreless
  • Ah! The Demon Arrives and Wreaks Havoc
    Tamiya and Otaki buy a strange Demons CD from a store. Not only is the music strange, but a spirit shoots out of the CD and asks what wish they want. Not caring, the two senpais just wish her to go away.

    The spirit is Marller, a Demon, First Class, and she's ready to mess up the goddesses' plans, starting with Keiichi!moreless
  • Ah! The Secret of the Queen and the Goddess.
    Belldandy wins the Miss NIT contest and becomes Campus Queen. Sayoko and Toshiyuki try to uncover Belldandy's identity by setting up revealing situations where Belldandy would have to use her magic, but with big sister Urd watching, that isn't so easily done. Toshiyuki manages to put Urd to sleep by playing Enka music, and Sayoko kidnaps Keiichi. To get Keiichi back, Belldandy might have to reveal to Sayoko the truth about herself!moreless
  • Ah! Living under one roof together!
    Keiichi left his books and papers at home, so Belldandy goes back to get it. As Keiichi is left alone at school, Sayoko challenges him to stop acting like he's in elementary school with that relationship. Keiichi struggles on what to say to Belldandy. He sets up a romantic mood at home with candles and all. Will that do the trick? Or will it be written off as another coincidence?moreless
  • Ah! The Fated Confession Is Under the Moon?
    Megumi gives Keiichi some tickets to a beach resort. Keiichi and Belldandy go, but the sisters tag along as well. Urd tells Keiichi there's an island spot where if he confesses it will be true love. Keiichi tries to take Belldandy to that remote island location, but Skuld has other plans.moreless
  • Ah! A blessing in every bargain?
    A young woman shows up at the temple where Keiichi is staying. It turns out to be Keiichi's sister Megumi, who is in town looking for apartment housing. Keiichi and Belldandy help Megumi find a place, but it has a dark secret.
  • Ah! A Devil's Whisper, Along With A Pot?
    Mara retrieves a demonic urn from a cave. Urd's goddess license had been suspended, which motivates her to look for a regular job. But when things go bad there she accepts her demonic heritage and transforms into the Lord of Terror! Big Trouble for Keiichi and the gals!
  • Ah! Can the Motor Club Win?
    The Nekomi Motor Club attempts to recruit new members, but now there's a new rival club called the Four Wheels that was started by Toshiyuki Aoshima. The motor clubs have a challenge race over who gets to keep their club around. Keiichi and Belldandy get to represent Nekomi in the race, but where there's Toshiyuki, there's sabotage. Can Keiichi and Belldandy pull through?moreless
  • Ah! The Savior, Together With the Sound of a Flute?
    The Yggdrasil system is in chaos from all the attacks from the Lord of Terror. Urd starts releasing the Ultimate Destruction Program which will not only destroy the current world but allow the demons to rule it. Belldandy decides to release her sealed power and confront Urd. God gives Skuld a Midgard Flute as a last-chance vaccine to stop the Lord of Terror. Will those efforts be enough?moreless
  • Ah! Misfortune arrives and the tea stalk stands upright?
    Marller's attacks on the goddesses keep failing so she goes after a new target: Megumi! She takes over Megumi's body, and solicits the help of Senbei, the God of Poverty and generally bad luck spirit.
  • Ah! The Place to Express Your Feelings.
    Belldandy learns about Valentine's Day and White Day in Japan, and tries to make up for not knowing about Valentine's Day by asking Sayoko for some advice. But Sayoko tries to set Belldandy up with the campus playboy Toshiyuki Aoshima. This could be trouble!
  • Ah! When the Goddess Steals Your Heart Away
    Skuld reveals her latest invention: Banpei-kun RX. Banpei is a robot designed to help Belldandy, which he easily does when Marlier shows up for an attack. But that also means protecting Belldandy from Keiichi and Urd, and draining tons of power from the house.
  • Ah! Taking an Examination of Love, Starting with a Deviation Value of 30.
    Keiichi gets a video from a store, but when he plays it, a mysterious woman shows on the screen. The woman is Urd, who is Belldandy's older sister. Urd tries to move Keiichi's romantic intentions forward by slipping him a controlling love potion.
  • Ah! Those Who Believe Shall Find Salvation!
    Keiichi makes his wish that Belldandy will stay with him forever, and it becomes true! And it can't be undone; the wish has been registered with the system. Keiichi ponders what to do now, but his senpais Tamiya and Otaki arrive and find that he's broken the rules about having girls in the all-guys dorm. What will happen to Keiichi and Belldandy now?moreless
  • Ah! Is my Heart Pounding Because I'm a Grownup? (Bonus Episode)
    Yggdrasil's downtime causes Skuld to become a grown woman. She has until sundown, when Yggdrasil is restored, to experience life as an adult. After escaping an uncomfortable situation with Toshiyuki Aoshima, Skuld explores her newly grown feelings for Keiichi, and asks him to go out with her the rest of the day.moreless
  • Ah! What wouldn't I give for an angel with white wings?
    After Keiichi returns to normal, he and the goddesses hear Belldandy singing with her angel Holy Bell. Skuld admires Belldandy's angel and wants to have one as well. As Skuld attempts to train, Urd ponders how she hasn't seen her angel in a long time. But when Skuld gets into some trouble, it's up to Urd to try to bring her angel back.moreless
  • Ah! Choosing between the Goddess and the Queen
    Marller offers Sayoko a plan to get Belldandy out of the way. Sayoko agrees to it and tricks Urd out of the Demons CD. Marller casts a spell to tip Keiichi's heart balance so that Keiichi becomes fixated on Sayoko. After Belldandy goes home feeling strange, Sayoko is alone with Keiichi. This is her big chance but Keiichi's suggestions are not what she expected.moreless
  • Ah! You're a Goddess!
    College student Keiichi Morisato must have some sort of unlucky star over his head. He runs late for school, gets picked on in class, and gets bossed around by his senpais (seniors) into doing chores for his dorm and the auto club. Nothing is going right. After a day full of unlucky chores, Keiichi calls back his senpais, he misdials and ends up calling the Goddess Assistance Agency! What happens from there on is something he never expected, as a beautiful girl appears in his room!moreless
  • Ah! Urd's Little Romance (Bonus Episode)
    The goddesses are working overtime to restore the damage done by the Lord of Terror, but in order to conserve energy, Urd automatically reverts to her younger form. The more energy she uses, the younger she becomes. While waiting for Yggdrasil to come back online, she is thrust into an unlikely situation with a boy she meets at a playground. Meanwhile, Belldandy and Keiichi work on a cure for Urd's "condition."moreless
  • Ah! Teaching a lesson called Competition
    Skuld's been spending a lot of time with Belldandy, but Belldandy still wants to go to school with Keiichi. Skuld decides to take apart Keiichi's bike, but ends up upgrading it. Megumi notices the upgrades and starts to critique it. This upsets Skuld, who issues Megumi a mechanic's challenge. At the suggestion of Keiichi's senpais, Skuld and Megumi enter a robot battle contest to settle their conflicts.moreless
  • Ah! The Queen and the Goddess.
    Keiichi takes Belldandy to his school, and all the classmates are impressed by the new girl. Sayoko, the popular girl on campus, meets Belldandy and tries to figure out where she came from. Realizing her popularity is dwindling, Sayoko tries to get in between Keiichi and Belldandy, accusing her of not even being a student, and creating situations where she and Keiichi can be alone. But the Ultimate Force that is linked to Keiichi's wish has other ideas.moreless
  • Ah! If you're a real man, save the goddess.
    Urd and Skuld leave to do some work back at heaven. Skuld has Keiichi eat some flan which transforms Keiichi into a woman. Now he'll keep his hands off Belldandy, right?

    Keiichi and Belldandy go through Urd's potion ingredients to find an antidote but the formula goes wrong and Belldandy catches some kind of flu, and it's getting worse! Keiichi will have to reach his highest potential literally to find a solution!moreless
  • Ah! What are Talent and Hard Work?
    Club member Sora is entered into an all-girls racing event. Belldandy and the gang help her overcome her fears of driving and of messing up everything.
  • Ah! Apprenticeship, Home, and the Goddess!
    Keiichi and Belldandy search for a place to live, trying out real estate apartment listings, his friends' apartments, and eventually a fairly worn down temple where a monk lets them in.
  • Ah! Who Does Big Sister Belong To?
    More goddess-related system problems arise because of Belldandy's unstable heart. A new girl shows up at the temple, and it's Belldandy's kid sister Skuld! She's there to deal with the outbreak of bugs but also has an ulterior motive, to bring Belldandy back to heaven. To complicate things, Skuld's bug blasting invention isn't working and the bugs continue to do all sorts of weird things. Can Keiichi and Skuld repair the machine in time or will Belldandy have to return to heaven?moreless
  • Ah! An Exchange Diary With the Goddess? (SPECIAL)
    This is a recap of the first dozen episodes.