Ai yori Aoshi

Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Aug 21, 2002 on Fuji Television
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a trip to the zoo becomes a day with Tina followed by a drunken night in a love hotel! Will Aoi really believe they simply fell asleep? part 1

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  • Potential wasted, but still a decent watch.

    Tina spots something interesting on the TV; a rare breed of monkies will be temporarily be showcased in the near by animal park, and Tina wants the Photo Club to join her. Though due to unfortunate circumstances, everyone, except Kaoru, have their reasons (or excuses) of not going. Which only leaves Kaoru and Tina together. This tempts a close relationship between the two as events start coming one after another. There was an attraction where the two split up and have to find their way around. At the end of their paths are three doors; one representing simply friends, another representing close friends, and the last lovers. Tina for some reason chooses the last door. It was there when she dressed up as a bride, and was wishing Kaoru would pick the same door too. By accident, seeing as a giant Ostrich was chasing him, chose that door accidentally. Tina misunderstands Kaoru's feelings, and he explains everything to her.

    After they've gone through the attraction, Tina was rather upset Kaoru didn't feel that way towards her. In the process, they find a little girl who's lost her father. They both decide to keep her company until he shows up, which he does like literally seconds later. A storm brewed while the two waited, and the news reporter said it would only get worst in the night, which forces Tina and Kaoru to sleep within a hotel room. Though they soon realized it was a hotel for a honeymoon! But they had no choice, as the storm didn't seem to calm down. It was then that Tina tells Kaoru why she liked animals and little kids so much. She also tells him who she wants her groom to be, which perfectly fits the description of Kaoru. Soon after, they both finally go to sleep, and the episode ends with the two holding hands together towards the train station.

    Judging from this episode, it would make more sense if Kaoru went out with Tina more, but it's rather disappointing he'd choose a girl he met nearly 18 years ago that he barely remembers. I mean, he even admitted Tina was the one that made his college days more fun, introduced him to new friends since she was aware he was a lonely person, yet he only thinks of her as a good friend. I was also rather disappointed with the door scene. It would have been better if Tina misunderstood and thought Kaoru loved him, which could have mixed up some rather pleasing results in future episodes. Sadly, it just seems more like wasted potential. Still, this episode is much better than the couple ones before it.

Tony Pope

Tony Pope

Kaoru's Grandfather (english dub)

Kirk Thornton

Kirk Thornton

Sato (english dub)

Wendee Lee

Wendee Lee

Tina Foster (english dub)

Barbara Goodson

Barbara Goodson

Aoi's Mother (english dub)

Lex Lang

Lex Lang

Suzuki (english dub)

Michelle Ruff

Michelle Ruff

Aoi Sakuraba (english dub)

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    • Tina: I've always pictured that my groom would be a lonely kind of guy. That would be a side of him that he wouldn't show that much and also he'd be reallly really gentle. No matter how many stupid things I do he'd just laugh and say I'm hopeless. Now if only I could find a guy like that.
      Kaoru: Wow, you've thought of all the little details, huh and of course you'll live in a log cabin with a big lake in the back.
      Tina: Of course, I'll be surround by kids and animals lots and lots of both.
      Kaoru: That's pretty easy to imagine with you, Tina.

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