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  • everything about this anime is wonderful

    Ai Yori Yoshi centers on Karou and Aoi who were betrothed to each other at a young age. Many years later, Karou has left his family and the betrothal is off. Aoi however is in love with Karou and the two try their hardest to be together. Realizing that the two really care for each other, Aoi's mother allows them to live together in the family's summer home. A few of Karou's friends move in to the vacant rooms, believing that Aoi is the landlord, not Karou's fiancé. The love between Aoi and Karou is very sweet, although sudden. The other characters, with the exception of Ms Miyabi, are oblivious to the connection between Aoi and Karou although they make it clear to the audience (even when other characters are present.). The animation is superb! I don't think I've seen anything as flawlessly animated as this. The story line really draws you in, and keeps you there. The voice actors are wonderful, everything about this anime is wonderful! It is very funny, and lighthearted but a little sexual (Karou is a young man in college after all).
  • Another semi-harem romance comedy. Aoi and Karou were engaged by their families when they were children. Karou leave's his abusive home to live alone. Aoi still in love with him, tracks him down. Aoi and Karou try to hide their relationship.

    I enjoyed this series way more than I should have. Yeah, it was overly sentimental. Yeah, it was disgustingly sweet. Yeah, it's another harem-romance-comedy. Yeah, I liked it better the first time when it was called Love Hina. But despite all this, I still enjoyed this series. It is greater than the sum of it's parts. Flat dialogue. Girls arguing and fighting over Karou. Linear story line. Love conquers all. Yeah, yeah, seen it all before. But still, I enjoyed it enough to empathize and sympathize witht the characters. The hidden romance was touching. Their innocence and genuineness was endearing. What can I say? I am a hopeless romantic at heart. Now, as much as I enjoyed the series, they really, really could have done a better job at it. The first four episodes had very strong, very relevant messages about social class, loyalty, gender, and responsibility. I had initially, thought that this was going to be a great anime. But by the 4th ep, it turned into a comedy and stayed there for the most part. Too bad. I would have liked to have seen a stronger message. If you like like this genre, give it a shot. If you are looking for ecchi/fanservice, it might not be your cut of tea. (Update: the day after I wrote this, I started the second season - yeah, there is a lot nudity/fanservice in the second, Enishi, season)
  • A great starting plot and seemingly deep characters are ruined when this show reverts to a corny, stereotypical harem/romance anime with an extremely weak plot.

    In a world where harem and romance comedies with bad and boring plotlines are far too common. Ai Yori Aoshi is unable to separate itself from the rest of the competition.

    Ai Yori Aoshi is a romance and harem comedy that centers around the relationship between Kaoru Hanabishi and Aoi Sakuraba. It tails these two in their "true blue love" as they try to love one another even though Aoi's family prohibits it. Along the way, characters from the two's past are introduced and guess what? They are all female and an unfortunate string of events forces them to live with Aoi and Kaoru. You know what that means! Yes this one on one romance will now become a harem...

    That aside, the anime did start off very well. With a string of events that only fate could have decided, Aoi is able to meet her childhood love, Kaoru, in a very touching and well done first episode. The series is able to keep its momentum going well with more episodes until it becomes just a stereotypical harem through the process described above.

    But a stereotypical harem can't be that bad right? The characters in the anime are actually pretty good and surprisingly deep, but the show went wrong when it tried to incorporate a harem with a one on one romance. As the anime progresses, the show becomes more of a harem, and Aoi and Kaoru's relationship is sort of pushed to the side a little. Their relationship basically turned into Aoi expressing her devotion and "love" for Kaoru, which got old and corny fast. It even got to a point where it was annoying and this would be considered one of the greater detriments to the show. The show is also a comedy and does a fairly good job in putting out humor. Most of the humor is sex related though which may be a turn off for some but for the most part it is decent. There is also plenty of fanservice which is usually put into the comedic sequences, which works out fine.

    Perhaps if the show had remained a one on one romance the show would have been better. By sacraficing what would have been a great romance plot for a simple harem comedy, the creators just weakened the show. Time spent by Aoi and Kaoru together were replaced by corny lines by Aoi speaking of her devotion. Ai Yori Aoshi is an anime that could have been so much more, but simply ruined itself.
  • i seen many if not most romance anime series and this one is still my old time favorite. yes the series does drop of into a comedy style after ep 4 but it still good and the second series of aoshi "enishi" is also great

    i seen many if not most romance anime series and this one is still my old time favorite.
    yes the series does drop of into a comedy style after ep 4 but it still good and the second series of aoshi "enishi" is also great.
    sure its sold as a comedy but the first 4 episodes are trully amazing.
    You can really feel the pasion and love being expressed by both main characters, and what really gets to me is the devotion of the the famale lead towards the male lead throughtout all of the series.
    Purely filled with love see it again and again.
  • A masterpiece romance anime.

    Ai Yori Aoshi is truly the best romance anime ever. So many so called romance anime are over the top comedies that don't focus on relationships and what comes alone with them. It's finally nice to see one that does. Ai Yori Aoshi is a story of two childhood friends who were arranged to get married by their parents when they were just kids. Years later things have changed. Things get complicated for the couple when they have to keep their relationship a secret from everyone even their group of friends. There is humor in Ai Yori Aoshi but it's not over the top like Love Hina, Ranma 1/2 and others. It's heartwarming, heartbreaking, and you can't stop watching. The animation is great, the story is amazing, the music is good. The only thing bad I can say is that it doesn't complete the story. You see Ai Yori Aoshi is based of the manga which I'm still reading. It's still on going at volume 15 and I think theirs going to be 21. I hope they creators of the anime make another series that raps up they story. Yes I'm a guy who's not supposed to like shows like this and I normally don't, but I just couldn't stop watching.
  • What Do you get when Romance + story?

    Ai Yori Aoshi, the first season, is... Decent in ways, its about a guy by the name of kaoru Hanabishi, who lefted his family because his grandfather won't accept his mom. Then guess what, his mom passes away and his grandfather tells him to forget about him. So Cruel, Kaoru, with nothing to lose ran away from home leaving everything behind including his childhood friend. 18 years pasted, and his childhood friend comes and look for him, then tells him, she loves him and wants to become his wife. Kinda like Onegai Teacher :P With alot of Simlarities. He starts to fall for her, and people started to gather around him. Like pieces to a puzzle are forming by itself? Although this Anime takes Pieces of other romance/love story animes, its a very decent and doesn't get out of hand, so i would recommend this anime to those who are really into Romance and those who has too much time in their hands. I was disappointed in serveral parts though, i was able to predict what happens next and get it correct. If only they improve that like they did in Shuffle then i would be really into this anime. Besides that its a decent anime.
  • Harem heaven? Naw. It's good though, but it falls short on a few points. All the same, this is a fun show. Not full of laughs, but it has its fair share of 'em.

    Ai Yori Aoshi is a satisfying harem anime. Aside from that, I can't give this show anymore praise. It uses tried-and-true formulas typical of other harem animes, but it never succeeds in standing out on its own. I guess one major flaw in the series is the relationship between Aoi and Kaoru. Ironically though, most people would describe that relationship as perfect. They are both very much in love with each other, and understand each other to a great extent. Aoi in particular would make a flawless wife. But there was something wrong with that ideal couple. It wasn't interesting when there wasn't conflict between them. The conflict seemed to come from an outside source, like the Hanabishi or Sakuraba families. That being said, I did not particularly like Aoi or Kaoru (but I didn't hate them either). I really liked some of the side characters, like Tina - who with childlike enthusiasm, gives the series much of its humor. Speaking of humor, this series fails to really satisfy this need in me for some comedic material. I've seen a bunch of the same things from other animes recyled in Aoi Yori Aoshi, and the humor is nothing new. But it's fun - not INSANELY fun, but fun enough.

    The story has its share of flaws too. It's not particularly enthralling, following an unoriginal story from the same vein as Romeo and Juliet (well, sort of). It involves rich family's honor and two lovers intertwined in it. Again, nothing special, but it's not particularly well-done. In fact, the ending was pretty anti-climatic and typical. But this show is good nonetheless. It could've been better if they had honed the Aoi/Kaoru relationship or made the story a bit more interesting and integral to the series, but the side-stories are equally enjoyable and represent much of the series' greatness. I've only watched part of the sequel, Ai Aori Yoshi Enishi, but I chose to continue watching since there were some pretty memorable moments in the first season. Recommended if you liked:
    * Love Hina (i.e. good harem comedy romance... fun for the whole family)

    * illuminatus' seal of approval =)
  • Ai Yori Aoshi main plotline is about how Kaoru who leaves the Hanabishi clan and in the process leaves behind his planned engagement with Aoi. Aoi who has liked Kaoru since she has met her couldn't understand the reason behind this and tris to find Kaoru

    This show is quite underappreciated and called a bad Love Hina story. However, I quite disagree while it does take the same heart of the story which is being meeting at childhood and fallin in love but there is a tragic breakup.
    In Ai Yori Aoshi, the heroine apparently wants the main character while in Love Hina, the heroine often beats up the main character to hide her emotions and Love Hina ends terribly with the heroine asking for sex. In Ai Yori Aoshi, everything is much more realistic(besides the fact of living with 5 other women).Luck *******.
  • kaoru and aoi were betrothed from a young age. but when kaoru forsakes his family, the engagement is broken! aoi sets out to find the man she loves, and when she does meet him again, they discover what love is really all about.

    this show is classic! love, hilarity, and a sweet couple are the cornerstones of this hit. two people meet in childhood and hold on to precious memories to sustain them throughout their lives. they grow as people and as lovers over the course of the show, and are marvelous characters.

    now as for the rest of the cast--one word. insane.

    many other people in their lives seem determined to give the couple problems, albeit unintentionally. but the supporting cast all have their own stories and emotional growth as the show progresses, giving you a great interlocking puzzle of a show. i would recomend this to anyone looking for a great introduction to anime.
  • Ai Yori Aoshi feels more like a series done by ameteurs who really liked Love Hina.

    It's inevitable deep comparisons will be made between Love Hina and Ai Yori Aoshi; the characters between the two series share many similar personality traits and physical attributes. Aoi is undeniably a look alike of Shinobu, and they both even cook good. Motoko and Miyabi are similar in that they mostly have everything under control, and don't take crap from anyone. Chika is as energetic as Su, and they both even have dark skin! Tina is without a doubt like Mitsune, but even better. Mayu is like Sarah; they're both brats, but their only difference aside from their physical appearence is Mayu talks in third person. If Love Hina weren't to exist, Ai Yori Aoshi would have been appreciated more.

    Ai Yori Aoshi's biggest flaw is the relationship between Aoi and Kaoru. They had known each other from childhood when their fathers visited each other, and instantly become good friends. Though Aoi will never forget the time Kaoru visited her ONCE, and decided the day after that she would be his wife. So, she's commited her life to learning how to take care of the house, how to cook delicious food for her husband, among other chores. Well, it seems more like an obsession than a love relationship. While Love Hina did pull off with the childhood thing, the difference is that Keitaro's and Naru's relationship wasn't so quick; it finally started to develop around the later half. Though here in Aoshi, right from the first episode, it was made that Aoi and Kaoru would love each other, which leaves little room to actually develop. Now you might be saying, Saikano pulled it off, but the difference between this and Saikano is that the couple in love had nearly inclimbable obstacles to overcome. In Ai Yori Aoshi, not much.

    What did make this series interesting was the other characters who actually developed a relationship with Kaoru. My personal favourite character Tina noticed back in her freshman year that Kaoru was a lonely person, and introduced him to many new friends. It would make even more sense if Tina and Kaoru were the ones to love each other, but sadly that doesn't happen. Taeko is a housemaid, and a very clumsy one at that! She creates more mess than she cleans, which made me appreciate her more than Aoi because of the hilarious moments she creates. Miyabi is Aoi's educator and body guard, and she only wants to see Aoi smile. At times, she's quite envious over Kaoru that he's able to make Aoi smile, while she's barely able to, despite the amount of work and time she commits to Aoi. This series would have been much better if Kaoru decided to hook up with either Tina, Taeko or even Miyabi.

    Aside from the obvious love relationship plothole, another thing that I hated about this series is how some of the episodes wastes a lot of potential. There are too many different examples for me to say, but put it this way; everything goes right in Ai Yori Aoshi. Really, what's the fun in a story if there's no challenge? Where's the excitement if there's little mountains to climb? There are a couple of interferences that sometimes get in the way between Aoi and Kaoru, but they do very little to shaken the bond they have with each other.

    If everything goes right in a series, then it better be funny! Conveniently, Ai Yori Aoshi is a love romance comedy, and more than ever, the comedy that comes from anime are mostly off of fanservice. There is a lot of fanservice, but most of it seems predictable. Though there are still some funny moments within the series that doesn't directly relate to breasts or panties. Tina can also be compared to Tomo from Azumanga as they're both very energetic people. She's the comedian of the show and is quite unexpected sometimes. It's awesome how she greets girls; instead of shaking their hands, she shakes their breasts!

    Though the comedy elements are just short of Love Hina's, and sadly, the romance doesn't stack up. Which makes Ai Yori Aoshi inferior in substance. Though the animation is more fluid and I personally liked Ai Yori Aoshi's soundtrack over Love Hina's. Those looking for another show similar to Love Hina will find some enjoyment in Ai Yori Aoshi. If you haven't seen both, then I suggest watching this first, because this simply feels like a degraded Love Hina series. Why am I suggesting people to watch the inferior series first? To make it more appreciable of course.
  • The first four episodes of the show portray a great love story, but after those four are over, is spirals into a bad Love Hina knock off.

    When a young girl in a traditional kimono goes out to find her childhood friend, she has trouble navagating the big city. A local passerby feels sympathetically and helps her out as much as she can. Eventually, the passerby turns out to be the man she is looking for, and she doesn\'t hesitate to tell him that she wants to marry him. The only problem is that her parents are from a high-class family and don\'t want her to associate with him. It\'s a very compelling Romeo and Juliet-type story... for the first four episodes.

    After that, the story introduces about five or six other girls with very erratic behaviors, and it really puts a damper on the one-on-one relationship with the young couple.

    My advice would be to buy the first four episodes, then ignore the rest of the series.