Air Crash Investigation - Season 3

Friday 11:55 PM on National Geographic Premiered Sep 03, 2003 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Hanging By A Thread
    A short island hop from Maui to Honolulu quickly turns into a nightmare for the crew and passengers aboard Flight 243. Shortly after take-off a loud bang is heard, removing a huge chunk of the plane's roof and walls.
  • Attack Over Baghdad
    It was supposed to be a routine mail drop for the DHL cargo plane, but, shortly after leaving Baghdad's Saddam Hussein Airport, an anti-aircraft missile hit the Airbus A300 and the crew were thrown into a fight for their lives.
  • Out Of Control
    Out Of Control
    Episode 3
    On a flight between Osaka and Tokyo, the alarm system blares out a warning: a stabilizer has blown off and the plane can no longer steer. 30 minutes later it hits Mount Osutaka in the worst single aircraft accident in history.
  • Suicide Attack
    Suicide Attack
    Episode 4
    A FedEx flight out of Memphis descended into chaos when a surprise attack by a disgruntled employee threatened the lives of all onboard. How did the crew foil his plot?
  • Bomb On Board
    Bomb On Board
    Episode 5
    On 11 December 1994, a terrorist bomb exploded on Philippine Airlines Flight 434. Miraculously, only one passenger died. How did so many survive the mid-air blast?
  • Mistaken Identity
    Mistaken Identity
    Episode 6
    July 3, 1988 - Captain Will Rogers III of the USS Vincennes is stationed in the Persian Gulf. His ship carries one of the smartest weapons system ever designed.
  • Helicopter Down
    Helicopter Down
    Episode 7
    A helicopter is ferrying workers to an oil platform when it is struck by lightning. The pilots struggle to keep control but are forced to ditch. Investigators find a design flaw which made it a sitting target for lightning.
  • Egypt Air 990
    Egypt Air 990
    Episode 8
    October 31, 1999- The night sky is calm when the captain leaves his copilot in command of the Boeing 767 during a bathroom break on the long flight from New York to Cairo.
  • Kid In The Cockpit
    Kid In The Cockpit
    Episode 9
    The new Airbus leaves Moscow and the captain invites his two children to the flight deck. The boy turns the steering column, which sets off a chain of events that leads to the deaths of all 70 people on board.
  • African Hijack
    African Hijack
    Episode 13
    An Ethiopian Airlines aircraft is hijacked and told to fly to Australia. The pilot fails to convince the hijackers that the plane doesn't have enough fuel, so he decides to trick them. Events end in tragedy.