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  • Season 1
    • Ametsuchi -universe-
      Kanna continues her journey for her mother, with her bodyguard Ryuuya and friend Uraha and they all have many experiences along the way.
    • Yamamichi -mountain path-
      This story takes place 1,000 summers ago, when Ryuuya, Kanna and Uraha escape the palace on a journey in search of Kanna's mother. Here it shows more events that took place during their journey and the dangers they faced, together.
    • Soshuhen -highlights-
      A recap of Misuzu Kamio's story.
    • Sora -air-
      Sora -air-
      Episode 12
      It's finally the day of the summer festival but unfortunately it is raining, nonetheless Haruko wants Misuzu to experience the joys of the festival, no matter what. With the last words she heard from Yukito on her mind Haruko is doing all she can to stop Misuzu from having her final dream and returning to her other self, in the sky yet can she stop the inevitable?moreless
    • Umi -sea-
      Umi -sea-
      Episode 11
      With Yukito now gone Misuzu is left all alone, but that is until Haruko returns as her legally adopted mother. They begin to spend more time than usual together, deepening their bonds with each other when all of a sudden one day Misuzu wakes up losing all her previous memories of Haruko. If things couldn't be worse, Misuzu's father returns to take her away.moreless
    • Hikari -light-
      Hikari -light-
      Episode 10
      The story beginning from Misuzu's encounter Yukito is retold, through the point of view of a crow Misuzu found and named "Sora".
    • Tsuki -moon-
      Tsuki -moon-
      Episode 9
      Finally able to find Kanna's mother, it's shocking when she orders them to leave but they manage to persuade her to come with Kanna. While they escaping from the mountains, some soldiers are pursing them and unfortunately Kanna's mother was shortly killed. After saying their goodbye's, they leave Kanna's mother and rest at a spot to think about their wishes, but yet again this brief moment of happiness and relief is short lived.moreless
    • Natsu -summer-
      Natsu -summer-
      Episode 8
      This story takes place 1,000 summers ago. Ryuuya is a bodyguard taking care of Kanna, a girl with wings, who has been restrained to a palace with her friend Uraha. They all become good friends however their situation goes downhill when Kanna is supposed to be sent to another temple in a few days. The three of them decide to escape and go on a journey, to find Kanna's mother.moreless
    • Yume -dream-
      Yume -dream-
      Episode 7
      Yukito has a flashback of his mother telling him about the girl with wings and how she will eventually die once she has her final dream. Misuzu is currently bedridden and after every dream she seems to be getting weaker. With Misuzu's worsening condition, Yukito decides to leave her in hope of her getting better but later he may have some second thoughts.moreless
    • Hoshi -star-
      Hoshi -star-
      Episode 6
      Minagi has left her house due to her mother's mental illness and is staying at the train station with Yukito. Later on Yukito learns that Minagi's mom is recovering from her illness and will soon begin to remember so Yukito uses this as an opportunity to bring them two together. It's revealed that Michiru has some relation to Minagi's dead little sister and the so called "girl in the sky".moreless
    • Tsubasa -wing-
      Tsubasa -wing-
      Episode 5
      Yukito wakes up after having a dream of his past and later he ends up spending the day with Minagi and Michiru. Following the time he spent stargazing with them, he takes Minagi home but as he arrive he notices something peculiar about her mum. Back at Misuzu's home he eventually gives in to playing cards with her however she then breaks down crying. From learning the cause of this Yukito decides to move out.moreless
    • Hane -plume-
      Hane -plume-
      Episode 4
      Beginning where the previous episode left off, Yukito and Misuzu again find Kano in a trance state and she begins to strangle Yukito until she loses consciousness. They bring her back to the clinic where Hijiri finally explains to them how Kano began to behave, in such a strange way. A lot more is later revealed.moreless
    • Koe -whisper-
      Koe -whisper-
      Episode 3
      Yukito and Misuzu are at the shrine and spot Kano, in a weird state, when all of a sudden the surroundings briefly turn into a crop field. Shortly after Kano's sister Hijiri arrives to take her back to the clinic. Yukito and Misuzu are on their way home when Yukito forgets that he hasn't been paid so he goes back to the clinic only to overhear a strange conversation between Hijiri and Kano. Just when things start to get normal Kano goes missing again.moreless
    • Machi -town-
      Machi -town-
      Episode 2
      Yukito explains to Misuzu the quest to find a girl with wings, that his mother told him before she passed away and it turns out that Misuzu has had dream similar to this. The next day, Yukito was caught performing his puppet show outside Hijiri Kirishima's clinic and she offers Yukito work doing odd jobs. It turns out that it's Misuzu's birthday and Yukito ends up spending the rest of the day with her but then they witness something extraordinary.moreless
    • Kaze -breeze-
      Kaze -breeze-
      Episode 1
      Yukito Kunisaki is a travelling puppeteer and he arrives at a town to make some money, with his puppet shows but with no luck. Later he meets a strange girl, Misuzu Kamio who lives in the town and she manages to lure him to her home with food. Soon after this her mother, Haruko Kamio arrives and after some convincing she allows him to stay in their shed while he works. This is beginning of a short but eventful summer.moreless