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  • Wow. Very emotional! :')

    I like this anime, but it is pretty sad from the start (And a little confusing). It starts with this girl named mizusu that never had any friends and..... Sorry, I do not want to spoil

    Overall: 6.6/10 No AVG
  • An awesome anime that is very emotional and addicting, butWAY TOO SHORT!


    I watched this show online and this anime is simply a masterpiece. This show is about Yukito, a wandering puppeteer who one day travels to a very peaceful town on a mission to find "the girl in the sky." He meets Misuzu, a very happy girl who likes dinosaurs. Every time she gets frustrated, she always says "Gow." It's kind of funny. Yukito also meets Kano and Minagi and has great adventures with them. Misuzu has an illness and cry attacks sometimes. Every 1000 summers, the spirit of the angel is reincarnated into a person in the modern age. In this case, Misuzu is the reincarnation. She only has a short time left to live before the curse of the angel takes her life away. In some episodes, you get to see the backstory of the supposed "girl in the sky," which takes place in the Middle Ages of Japan. I also liked Potato, the dog that says "Peko" instead of barking like a normal dog. I find that kind of cute, but really silly. The animation in this show is high quality and very colorful. The soundtrack in this show is amazing. It's very calming and very relaxing. One time I had a really bad headache and could not sleep at night. I watched this show and when the music was playing, the headache just went away until after I watched the number ofepisodes that I watched. It's like the music has healing powers, and if you're having a bad day, I would watch this show and listen to the music. There isn't a lot of comedy in this show, The only real comedy you get is between Michiru and Yukito. There is a lot of emotion in this anime. What makes this anime really addicting is that the storyline keeps you into the show and the characters with excellent personalities give you that feeling of what's really going to happen next. What really ticks me off is that this anime is TOO SHORT. This show is only 13 episodes long and with two summer specials that give more of the backstory of the angel. I wish this anime was about 50 episodes long. So that's about it.

  • I really can't write a summary cause I only started watching it.

    I love this show and I can't believe that no one knows I watch even though I am always talking about it.. This show makes me cry but I LOVE IT. I am only starting to watch this show and i must say that I am impressed on how it captures emotions of the heart. I wonder where you can get this on DVD and when it airs on TV? This is a tie for first with my other fav. show Inuyasha! IF you are looking for one of the greatest animes look no farther this is the best ever! PezMoTez
  • It's very sad.

    When they meat again, she will die.
    This anime is very sad in a way. And in one way it's funny. You will feel bad for both the aunt and the poor kid.
    The problem with this anime (and the only problem) is that it might be a tad hard to follow the storyline since it changes after half of the series is done. how-ever, you will laugh, you might cry. This is one of the sader animes i've watched. But it's not close to Kimi Ga Nozomu Ein in saddness. There is no real weak spots in this solid anime, if you can follow the splitted story line that is.
  • Air is certainly an anime that can bring emotions towards its viewers. If viewers can manage to make it through the confusion of the storyline, then they will certainly be moved from its moments from either humor or sadness.

    From the beginning, the audience is introduce to a young journeyman named Yukito Kunisaki who likes to make earnings showing off his talent in puppet shows. Unfortunely, things don't exactly as well as he wanted to be. Despite that, he has also been set on a family life goal of finding a girl in the sky while he was traveling. Finding himself in a new town, he encounters the clumsy yet friendly Mizusu Kamio who manages to get him a place to stay at her house. Throughtout the series, three main girls in the town(Mizusu Kamio, Kano Kirishimi, and Minagi Tonio) all befriended Yukito. Unfortunely, all three girls have had a difficulty life since dealing with their pasts. Despite its confusing storyline, the series can certainly get the audiences attention by its humor and sadness itself. The animation is also very well achieved that can kept viewers in awe of enjoying the scenery and the characters that are featured in the show. The music is also beautiful to listen and harmonic for viewers to enjoy. Finally, if anyone is interested in watching this anime you are definitely gonna to need some tissues because it is very difficult not to cry when watching the sad parts be so moving in emotions.
  • Almost painfully beautiful. It redefines what animation is capable of.

    Yukito Kunisaki, he is a poor traveler. A bus lands him in a small town by the ocean. He is starving and is looking for a way to earn money. He has a cute little puppet with which he tries to earn some cash.. but the kids he tries to perform for rudely turn thier noses up. He is hungry and drained of energy so he goes to take a nap on the sea wall by the beach since he has no where else to go. A young girl named Misuzu Kamio stumbles upon him thinking it would be nice to meet him when he woke up. He awakes with a start and sees her standing there on the wall next to him. Her arms outstretched and the wind blowing her long blonde hair. She kindly begins talking to him as if he were'nt a stranger at all. He's confused about why she is treating him this way, but all she truly wants is a friend. He ends up coming home with her and her mother allows him to stay with them. He soon finds that underneath this girls happy smile and cheerful aura.. she is really suffering and alone. She is not accepted well by kids at school and she has never had any real friends. She has this condition that whenever she gets to become good friends with someone she gets sick and has emotional break downs. Yukito grows a soft spot for her very quickly and cares about her very much. He wants to help her. He meets other people in this small town and strange things begin happening. Misuzu has been having strange dreams lately that get more sad every night. Clues from his past and a goal that him and his mother share. Could these be linked to what is happening to Misuzu? I cannot say any more. This show is amazing. It has chracters that you can't help but fall in love with. It will make you laugh and cry, but it is a show that you would never regret watching. This show is beautiful, everything about it is beautiful. It makes you want to strive to be a stronger and better person. It is a show that you cannot watch without loving completely.
  • A tragic love story that happened 1000th summer ago in the Japanese feudal era and continues to this day through reincarnation and descendant from the main characters of the feudal era.

    This anime totally blows me away with its magnificent visuals and beautiful animation. And it is even better when its theme song is totally mesmerising. When the show began, the pace was quite slow and as the story goes along one can see that this is really gonna be a very sad story. Some may say that this was way too depressing and even confusing but I like how the anime has such a deep and compelling storyline, lovable characters and emotional depths all the characters bring. This anime moved me like no other.

    A young man travelling around towns (earning a living as a puppeter) is looking for a girl that his mother has repeatedly told him about since he was a kid-a girl who is waiting for him in the sky. He came to this town by the seaside and met 3 girls who have some connections to the story about the girl in the sky. As he interacts with each of them, he gets to know about the 3 girls' stories and when he finally recognises which of the 3 girls that he was supposed to be searching for, he began on a journey to discover his true relationship with the girl in the sky who in actual fact is the last winged being on Earth. This is one of the most beautiful sad love story that I have ever seen. Highly recommended.
  • air is an anime which brings many emotions with it. an anime well worth watching. i saw air in countless anv's and decided to watch it.

    It's about a girl who's mother died and dad dumped her on her auntie. while she was growing up people thought she was wierd and she never really had a friend. everytime she become close to anyone she got these attacks and cried alot. her and her auntie were aways distant even though they lived in the same house. her past in a different life which she saw in her dreams made her want to fly. In the other life lived winged people who became the last of them when she died. And that same thing happened many times.

    its a really good anime so watch it.
  • Air is a show about a boy who is trying to find the girl of the other side of the sky. All he knows is what his mother has told him. He comes to this town where he may have made afriend who is connected with the girl.

    Air is a totally awesome show. I almost couldn't stop watching, even when I needed to go to sleep. Air is so funny. Sometimes it is so funny that I couldn't stop laughing. Though it was so funny there were serious parts. Air also had a lot of intense moments. It's like you can't tear away from the story. Parts of the show will make you cry. There are many sad parts and many funny ones. The show has a good combination of both. This is definietly the show to watch. You'll laugh and cry. You will definitely love this show till the end.
  • The show was short, but amazing. It was very sad, but had a very deep meaning that would take someone very unique to find.

    The poor girl had gone through so much pain. She had the feeling that she had something that seperated her and isolated her. When she met that special person, everything changed for the better. The sad thing is that all good things come to an end. The one she met was somewhat a link to the past. The girl met him a long time ago. Of course, in her past life. She was born a winged being,and he was simply her bodyguard. They became firends in both lives. The winged girl searcher for her mother with her bodyguard and I believe it was the cook or maid who also jioned. They escaped the castle and found her mother. The sad thing was they were being chased and both the girl and her mother died in the struggle. The bodyguard and the maid got married and there started the endless search for the girl in the sky.
  • This is a story about a showman names yukito Kunisaki comes across a seasied town in the middle of summer while he is continuing his mothers quest to find the girl in the sky.

    This is a story about a showman names yukito Kunisaki comes across a seasied town in the middle of summer while he is continuing his mothers quest to find the girl in the sky. He is unaware that three girs in the town with strange personalities are more than they seem. All four of them are connected and as he meets each one, mysteries from the past begin to unfold.

    ---MY OPNINION---
    10/10 this is a great story for children and teenagers and is easy to follow as there are only 13 episodes. i would deffinatly reccomend to anyone. Althougha curse gives the story a very sad ending it is still a super show.
    There are not that many characters so you cant really get very confused with it. The three arcs of the show Dream,Summer and Air are a very good idea as they split the story up which helps you understand more. Because the show is very modern the picture quality is very good. so in conclusion i would deffinatly say that this show is worth watching and nobody should miss out on it.