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Airline (2004)

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Each episode showcases the highs and lows that passengers and crew face behind the scenes of the Southwest Airlines. Follow Southwest Airlines pilots, flight attendants, and airport employees as they experience heartwarming passenger stories, occasional outbursts, weather-related anxiety and heightened security measuresall while trying to meet everyone's urgent timetable. A&E Network brings the viewer behind the counter, onto the tarmac and into cockpit for this real life series. Airline focuses on the ups and downs of passengers and Southwest's staff and crew at Los Angeles International (LAX), Chicago Midway and Baltimore/Washington International airports. Follow Southwest's staff and crew, from the customer-focused flight crews to the hard working ground crews who are often on the receiving end of a frustrated customer's wrath. America's fourth largest carrier, Southwest Airlines originated the concept of low cost, no frills travel and carries 65 million passengers every year. *All The Episode Synopsis' Are Taken From A&E.COM* A&E BROADCAST HISTORY: January 5, 2004 - December 20, 2004: Mondays ~ 10:00pm December 27, 2004 - January 3,2005: Mondays ~ 8:00pm January 10, 2005 - June 6, 2005: Mondays ~ 8:30pm SPECIAL PRESENTATIONS: December 13, 2004 ... Monday, 10:00PM (1-hour holiday special) Theme Song: "Leaving on a Jet Plane" sung by Jimmy Coup Episodes: 51 Color Episodes "We all have our baggage"


    A&E fetches Dog, buries Gotti

  • Colleen Bragiel

    Colleen Bragiel

    Herself/Customer Service Manager (Midway)

    Gina Terrano

    Gina Terrano

    Herself/Customer Service Supervisor (BWI) - - (Season 2 +)

    Tim Flavin

    Tim Flavin


    Anita Herbert

    Anita Herbert

    Herself/Customer Service Supervisor (Midway)

    Brian Chance Williams

    Brian Chance Williams

    Himself/Customer Service Supervisor (Houston) - - (Season 3 + )

    Carole Jennings

    Carole Jennings

    Herself/Customer Service Supervisor (BWI) - - (Season 2 +)

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    • Based on the UK show, but not quite as interesting.

      Did anyone see Jewelie Larry Dixon on an episode? What a weirdo. It reminds me why I would never want to work in customer service. I couldn't handle dealing with crazy people like her. I feel sorry for the staff at SouthWest. They did a great job. People like Jewelie (Not Julie) Larry Dixon scare me. I hope she is embarrassed when she sees herself on TV but I guess she doesn't realise how bad she is. She probably still thinks the airline staff screwed her over. I hope she or someone she knows googles her name one day and reads this.moreless
    • Out of all the cast on the show, Yolanda Martin and Steve Ramirez were my two favorite. Yolanda with her warm prensence, she does not even look like she has been doing her job for 14 yeards. She is a pretty young lady.moreless

      Airline is amazing. Ihat that it got cancled and they stopped showing re-runs on A&E. Airline was like the t.v. show I would go to when there was nothing on at night because they would show re-runs from 11pm to 4am. I hope that someday in the near future I would get to meet people from the cast of the show, because I am sure that they are as friendly in person as they are on the show. If this show would ever come back, I think that it would capture the interest of more people because it shows everyday life.moreless
    • Airline came out at the height of reality television: when anything and anyone was willing to be documented.

      The show title made you think it was following mutliple airline companies, but really only one company committed and that was Southwest. Although I do not fly Southwest I had a new appreciation for the crew, pilots and staff after this show. They showed all types of passengers - overbooked planes, intoxicated customers, lost or damaged luggage, suspicious packages and family reunions. My favorite episode was of this Mom who was being reunited with her children after two years. Long story short, there were flight delays and the Mom wasn't sure if her children made it on the flight. One of the Agents at Midway airport in Chicago helped her find out the children were on board a particular plane that got in at the end of the day. It was such a relief for the Mom and once everyone was reunited: they had everyone crying - even me. Catch it in re-runs if you can.moreless
    • Where were these people when I was flying for business in the '80s.

      I LOVE this show but I am amazed at the people who think the rules do not apply to them. I flew on business in the '80s and suffered the drunks,"VIP"s(that were not) and noone would do anything then. The Southwest employees are my heros. I have lost my bags and missed flights,sat in airports because of bad weather and never, ever blamed the airline. This show really shows you that working for the airlines in not all fun and games. It is a hard job and often people do not realize how hard it is. BRAVO to all the folks at Southwest. I do not fly anymore but if I did it would be on Southwest.moreless
    • Fly Southwest Airlines, the Greyhound of the skies! If you can get the seat that you payed for.

      The moral of this series is very,very clear: do not fly Southwest Airlines if you want decent service.

      Apparently, getting a seat on one of their prole planes is the equivalent of a lottery. Even if you pay for a seat, you may not get it if:

      A) You are less than fifteen minutes late. Why? I payed for the seat -it's mine you morons! I should get it regardless of how late I am. Of course, if the plane has left the gate, I understand and I should get a refund or be scheduled for a later flight. Not simply dumped when the plane is at the gate!

      B) You are drunk. Here again, why? Why serve booze in the airport and on the plane if you don't want to serve drunken passengers? A ridiculous policy. These people just want to get to their seat that they payed for!

      C) You are dumped because you are late and a discount passenger and your seat is given to another person who is paying a higher price for your seat. Customer friendly?

      I could go on with many more, but I have run out of patience.

      Simply put: if you want discount service from airlines expect mediocre to poor service at best and don't complain. Fly another airline, drive, or take the bus.

      As an aside, what the hell was Southest Airlines thinking when giving approval for this show? Undoubtably, they thought it would be a great commercial for their service. But not to me or anyone who could read between the saccarin "we care about our passengers" drival.

      Hey, Southwest, when I pay for a seat on one of your prole planes I should get it! After all, I just want to get from point A to point B with the least hassle and time possible. Don't add to it!moreless
    • David O'Brien © 2006 A&E Networks

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