Airline (2004)

A&E (ended 2005)


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  • Season 3
    • Life Swap
      Life Swap
      Episode 7
      Storyline 1 Ballet fanatic Amber is leaving her home and her ballerina dreams behind for a shot at glory in the bright lights of Vegas. She's hanging up her ballet shoes for some high heels, and auditioning for the Folies Bergeres at the Tropicana. But before she even lands, she tries out some of her acrobatic moves on the flight ýýý to the amazement of the passengers and crew. Storyline 2 Yolanda finds grandmother Connie Tofferi, who's been dropped off with all her earthly possessions. Trouble is that she was supposed to be heading to Sacramento with just her suitcase, while her daughter was going to collect her belongings later in the week from her retirement home. Connie's understandably distressed at the mix-up, and it's going to take all of Yolanda's skill to calm her down. Storyline 3 Over at BWI, Jen Harrison is on her way to Tampa, where she's expected to be Matron of Honor at her best friend's wedding. But her generosity has got the better of her. She's offered up her seat on an oversold flight, and now she could miss the wedding altogether.moreless
    • April Fool
      April Fool
      Episode 6
    • A Hard Day's Flight
    • Mardi Gras
      Mardi Gras
      Episode 4
      Storyline 1 At Houston Hobby, Carol is checking in passenger Roy, who's on his way to Mardi Gras. Roy and his friend Charles are in the costume competition during the famous parade as the Lovebugs, and are hoping to beat their arch rival, who's going as the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland. It's going to be costumes at dawn! Storyline 2 The costumes are also on parade at Baltimore Washington International, where the participants of the annual Hogs and Pirates gathering are ready to board the Tampa flight. It's Florida's version of Mardi Gras, and the airport is awash with some hearty laughter, a few fake parrots, and more than its fair share of pig's noses. Storyline 3 The spirits are also high at LAX, where Southwest agent Virginia Brody is on her way home after a week's cruise. Trouble is she's lost her companion, Jennifer, and needs her to get all the Tequila she's bought back to Chicago. Without Jennifer, she's going to have to leave half of it behind, and that's not something Virginia is prepared to accept.moreless
    • Things That Go Bump at the Airport
      Storyline 1 Professional Ghostbuster Patti Starr and her husband Chuck are heading to Birmingham, Alabama to check out reports of a ghostly sighting at a disused factory. But, Patti's devotion to busting ghosts begins at Lexington airport, where she senses spiritual activity all around her. Storyline 2 At BWI, things are equally scary, but mostly because of passengers Joe Bluefield and Ray Wood. Joe is not on his best behavior, and appears to think that he is Austin Powers with his catchphrase, 'Yeah, Baby.' He's also in possession of a handful of serious cash, which he generously starts distributing around the airport. Storyline 3 Over in LA, Mike Carr is dealing with one of Southwest's tiredest passengers, Bryan Keith. Bryan has just flown in from Japan, and hasn't slept for almost an entire day, while he tries to get back to Salt Lake City. Will Mike be able to help him out and get him on a plane before the big sleep.moreless
    • The Sky's the Limit
      Storyline 1 In LA, local flight instructor Robin Petgrave is supposed to be taking his two young charges, Kenny and Jimmy, to Sacramento, but he's been held up at security, and they've left without him. Storyline 2 Over in Houston, confused grandmother Maddie is insisting she's on her way to Berlin, and refuses to board her flight to Jackson. It falls to Kelly to get Maddie's niece, Chandra, to come to the airport to help out. Problem is Maddie doesn't recognize Chandra, and wants some proof that she is part of the family. Storyline 3 Over at BWI, DJ to the Stars, Mark Regalbuto aka DJ Rapture, is fresh from success. A self-proclaimed close friend of Donald Trump and P. Diddy. But today he's on his way to Buffalo to attend the wake of his first love and has been drowning his sorrows at the bar.moreless
    • Takes Two to Tango
      Storyline 1 At Airline's newest airport, Houston, a distinctly odd couple are taking centre stage. Jay and Benny are 70 and 90 years old respectively. But with their return flight delayed, Jay's ailments prove a distraction for fellow passengers, and it seems up to Benny to relieve them. Storyline 2 At BWI, the delay on the flight home to Norfolk has brought James Wright to the bar, and now he's passed out at the gate. When Gina takes matters into her own hands and tells him he can't fly, it spells bad news for James, and he's not going quietly... Storyline 3 Kent Norris would now be dead if it wasn't for Southwest Flight Attendant Caroline Livingston. Kent lived to see another day and they are now meeting for the first time since his heart attack. Kent is bringing his wife Colleen, so that together, they can express their gratitude to Caroline. It's going to be an emotional day for both parties.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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