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  • Ahh, a show when the friendly skies, don't get so friendly!

    This show is pretty good, while it doesn't compare too Airline USA. One thing that I like about this Airline is that it features not only EasyJet, but British Airways, and many airports around the UK. While it does have this on its side, it still has some loose threads that need to be worked out. While I did like this show when it was on, I didn't shed any tears when it was cancelled. One way that they could improve it is to feature more emergeny landings, like in this one episode of Airline USA when a Southwest 737 had to turn around because of some sort of malfunction. Feature that here and you will have a great show!
  • Typical.

    I enjoy watching this show whenever I am incredibly bored or can\'t be bothered to switch the channel or theres no other good shows on. Although one of the things I will never quite understand is the fact that they actually let the camera crews film angry passengers basically telling them that they are never going to fly with easyJet ever again! I\'m sure alot of people will be put off as a result of this. Television is very influencial nowadays. I am not a big fan of reality T.V. shows but I can distinguish between the bad and the good.

    This show isn\'t good that\'s for sure!
  • Why bother?

    I enjoy watching this show because I like to see people screw up! However, the one I will never understand about this show is how the bosses at easyJet are allowing camera crews to film angry passengers telling the camera that nobody should ever fly on easJet in thei life. Now, we all know that the TV has a lot of power over the human mind and it is no doubt that easyJet ticket sales have steadily declined since the filming of Airline. Oh well, at lease i'm not the boss of easyJet. "Thank you for not flying easyJet, have a nice day"!