Airport 24/7: Miami

Tuesday 9:00 AM on Travel Channel Premiered Oct 02, 2012 In Season


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  • Season 3
    • 9/17/13
      One bird can bring down a jet, so when a massive flock invades MIA, the airport must take extreme measures. A smart K-9 uncovers heavy weapons in an outgoing crate, and CBP seizes an incoming shipment of counterfeit goods.
    • Blast Radius
      Episode 5
      TSA learns a tough lesson about what happens when a shoe bomb detonates, and when a ticking device is discovered on an active jetway, security clears a massive blast radius, snarling the airport's operations.
    • 9/3/13
      MIA kitchens prep thousands of meals for outgoing flights, while one passenger discovers what happens when you say "bomb" at the airport. CBP fears the worst when blood is found leaking from a checked bag.
    • 8/27/13
      President Obama comes to MIA once again, only this time Air Force One's arrival diverts a flight from Cuba low on fuel. A pack of seeing-eye-dog puppies train to guide through TSA. CBP strikes gold in a very high value carry-on.
    • Storm Season
      Episode 2
      A major storm shuts down a nearby airport, filling Miami with diverted planes, passengers and... horses. But when the storm makes a turn in Miami's direction, all hands rush to get planes into the air before impact.
    • 8/13/13
      A shark shipment stirs the waters at MIA, while tight quarters in economy class lead to violence on an incoming flight. An aviation hero pits a car against a jet in a contest where piloting skill is just as critical as horsepower.
  • Season 2
  • Season 1