Airport (UK)

BBC (ended 2005)


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  • A great show

    I love this show. I started watching it when I randomly stopped on the channel it was on one day. And I got hooked. It's an awesome show, and gives you a huge insight on what happens at the airport. If, like me, you want to work in an airport, or do something in the travel sector as a career, this show is a great help
  • This show rocks, admit it.

    I really enjoyed watching this show, going behind the lines of how staff of LHR (London Heathrow International Airport) can really do their jobs, though it was quite old, and it had very old airlines,it was interesting to see how they worked in the UK rather then in the USA while watching Airline on A&E. This show really got up close to the operations, and everyday occourances, and the narrator was just perfect for the job, he really made it clear, and interesting on how the world of LHR worked.

    I really want to find a DVD set of this show, if anyone can find one, give me a shout ;)

    Anyways, take a gander at this one, you won't be disappointed!
  • OK, but can be boring

    Airport is a good show following the life of the staff at Heathrow. It is amusing to see the passengers complain and argue but the shows can often be the same as the previous episode and can get boring. The narration provided by John Nettles is informative but he has such a boring voice! It is a good show if a little boring.