Season 4 Episode 6

A Piece of Cake

Aired Unknown Feb 27, 1987 on CBS

Episode Recap

St. John and Mike are testing a device in Airwolf while patched in with Jo back at the hangar.  The jet fighter they're tracking realizes he's being tailed and St. John breaks off.  That night, a kid named Bobby sneaks into the hangar and Jo catches him.


The following day, Mike and Jo volunteer to take Bobby and other youths on a trip as part of the Wilderness Program, although Bobby doesn't like the idea.  Bobby's estranged grandfather and crime boss, Coronado, discusses plans to have Bobby kidnapped from the trip, and puts his right-hand man Marco on the task.


At the hangar, the kids – Bobby, Carlos, Leigh, and Dwayne, are introduced to the crew.  Coronado's men are watching from outside as they take off in the JetRanger, and phone in.  Coronado tells them to do what's necessary to get Bobby.  The kids are flown to a state park and dropped off by St. John.  Coronado happens to have a cottage in the park, and as he and Marco ride there in the limo, Coronado wants to see to it that only Bobby returns from the trip.


Mike and Jo start their hike into the mountains with the four teens.  At the cottage, Marco is shocked to learn that Coronado plans to make Bobby the new don, naturally, since he's blood, although Marco thought he was next in line.  That night, the kids bicker over the poor tasting food when Bobby and Carlos argue over who drank Leigh's water.  After they turn in for the night, Bobby and Carlos fall out over it, and Bobby leaves.  Leigh reveals to Jo that she has a crush on Mike, but she lets her down easy.


Mike finds Bobby in the woods and encourages him to finish the trip.  The next day, Coronado sends two of his men to get Bobby.  When they check in with the park ranger, he generously tells them where the group is, then he's shot.  The group tries to cross a rope bridge over the river, starting with Leigh.  Her fear of heights slows her down, and Carlos taunts her and impatiently follows her.  He slips through the railing and hangs on for dear life.  To make up for his mistakes on the trip, Bobby volunteers to help them both make it across the bridge.


The two men catch up and shoot Mike, sending him fall down the mountain.  The shooter goes to confirm that he's dead, and Mike plays possum, then suddenly wakes and grabs him, sending them both falling further down the mountain.  The other man takes Bobby and Jo with him, leaving Carlos, Leigh, and Dwayne.  A moment later, Mike crawls up the mountain, shot and with a broken leg, which Dwayne puts a tourniquet on.  The kids seem to be brought together by the near tragedy, and help Mike hobble down to the ranger station.


Coronado's gunman forces Jo to drive to the cottage, and once there, he has plans of his own and forces everyone inside to get a $5 million ransom deal out of returning Bobby.  Coronado tells Bobby who he is, and the gunmen spills the story on how Marco set up Bobby's father to be killed when he was young, in order to get in good with Coronado.  Coronado offers the gunman a briefcase containing $1 million and explosives that he'd hidden in it earlier.  Mike calls St. John from the ranger station to look for Jo and Bobby, and also tends to the ranger, who has survived being shot.


St. John and Jason take off in Airwolf, while at the cottage, the tables turn when the gunmen loses his gun to Bobby.  When he hesitates to shoot, Marco takes the gun and does it himself.  Marco makes it clear that he's in it for himself, and shoots Coronado, then takes the briefcase.  Jo and Bobby run outside and hide as Airwolf flies overhead.


After shooting at Airwolf with his pistol to no avail, Marco jumps into his jeep and makes a run for it.  Jo and Bobby go back inside to see about Coronado.  The grandfather Bobby never knew dies holding his hand.  St. John and Jason keep after Marco as he drives over a dam, and disable his jeep with chain guns.  Marco continues shooting, and St. John fires chain guns at the briefcase, detonating the explosives.  The explosion sends Marco's body falling to the water below, and surprises Jason, who wasn't expecting it.


Back at Santini Air, Bobby's mother is happy to see him helping the crew make repairs in the hangar.  Mike takes a moment to lecture Bobby, and soon finds that he's talking to himself.