Season 4 Episode 3

A Town for Hire

Aired Unknown Feb 06, 1987 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • The laser device used by Lundahl at the episode's climax is the same device used in Knight Rider's season 3 episode Knight Strike.

    • When Mike and Jason are on their way to the factory, they pull up Lundahl's profile on the computer. Notice that there is a misspelling. It says: Lundahl Incorporated Sole Owner: Martin Lundhal.

    • This episode is the first time we see (what is supposedly) Jason's hand grip Airwolf's yoke, it is quite clearly the footage used for Stringfellow Hawke's hand from the original series, used with a tint to try and match Jason's dark skin.
      (Also, the shot is quite clearly on the right-hand side of Airwolf, whereas Jason is sitting on the left). This shot would be used again numerous times throughout the season.

    • Nitpick: At the climax, why does Jason talk out loud (as Airwolf is hit, as he fiddles with the wires, etc.)? He's the only one on board, and Mike, St. John and Jo are in the Sheriff's truck escaping, so who's going to hear him?!

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  • Notes

    • This is the first episode where we see Airwolf being flown from the left-hand cockpit seat with only ONE person occupying the cockpit (in this case, by Jason).

    • This is first episode to have the 'Starring' caption before Barry Van Dyke's credit on the opening titles (in the two previous episodes of the season, there had been no caption before it).

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