Season 4 Episode 1


Aired Unknown Jan 23, 1987 on CBS



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    • In this new version, despite seemingly the same organization, The Firm is now for some reason suddenly called 'The Company'. The infamous white suits are also gone.

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    • Although aired as the first episode of the season, this episode was actually produced sixth.

    • After 'Airwolf' was dropped by CBS after three seasons, the rights to the series were bought by another company, Atlantis. The original cast were either written out or killed off (Jan Michael Vincent is the only original member actually seen), at the same time the location of Hawke's Missing In Action brother St. John was finally found. With a new cast, lead by St. John, the series was filmed in Canada for a very low budget.

      ALL footage of Airwolf, and many of the other aircraft, was recycled from footage from the original three seasons, and quite often the stories had feel that they'd simply been written around what footage was to be re-used that episode. Although technically a continuation of the first three seasons, other than the inclusion of Airwolf itself and St. John, the series often felt like a completely different entity, with little connection or feel to the original series.

    • With this new series, the original cast are all eliminated. Dominic is killed by a bomb planted in a helicopter (we only briefly see him from behind, and is quite clearly not Ernest Borgnine!); Hawke's existence becomes questionable by the end of the episode after finally being re-united with St. John, as his fate was never truly resolved. Fans believe this was purposely done, just in case the writers wanted to include Stringfellow in future episodes. Archangel is said to have suddenly been sent away on an assignment overseas. We never find out what has become of Caitlin, and St. John's son 'Half-Pint', introduced in the 3rd season, is not mentioned!

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