Season 3 Episode 15

Day of Jeopardy

Aired Unknown Jan 25, 1986 on CBS

Episode Recap

A woman dives off a yacht and takes a swim late into the night, while two guards watch.  She pretends to be pulled under.  The next morning, the two men answer to Cullen Dixon, who kills them both for allowing her disappearance.


The woman, Tess Dixon, is brought to shore by the FIRM, where Michael, Hawke, Dom and Airwolf are waiting.  At the sight of her, Hawke gets upset and is about to leave until Michael explains the scenario.  Tess's life is said to be in danger because of information she plans to reveal about Dixon and his cohorts during a congressional hearing.  Dom and Hawke flip when they're told to fly her there on a fixed flight plan under the FIRM's control.


On his yacht, Dixon, fellow conspirator Kase, and their friends discuss what to do about Tess, and commit themselves to doing whatever they need to in order to stop her from reaching the hearing.  On their flight, there is noticeable tension between Hawke and Tess as he tells her to put on a headset for communication.  As they cross the desert, the scanners pick up two choppers.  They fire missiles and Hawke fires a copperhead and takes out one of them.  He fires chain guns to destroy the other.  Hawke demands to know what's going on that has them sticking their necks out for Tess.  She reveals that she knows about a plot to assassinate key officials and heads-of-state in Washington, D.C.


Hawke informs Michael of this, and he goes to determine who's leaking the information on Airwolf's location.  In the meantime, Hawke flies Airwolf himself.  While skeet shooting on his yacht, Dixon and Kase argue over Kase's desire for Tess, and blames him for their current situation.  Angry after Kase walks off, Dixon misses his first ever clay disk.


Hawke and Dom are about to take the Lady to the lair, when Tess become paranoid and thinks that Hawke is trying to do her in.  Watching from the FIRM's control center, Michael contacts Hawke and wants to try taking over control again; Hawke agrees.  Michael interviews the previous controller whom they believe is the leak, but the evidence doesn't add up.  Hawke takes a moment to comfort Tess, but it's short-lived when two F-16 fighters show up.  Dom tries to take Airwolf off autopilot, but it won't disengage since the FIRM is still in control.  One of the fighters fires a missile and Airwolf is hit, causing her to lose altitude.  Dom manages to override the FIRM's control, and Hawke manages to fire several missiles into the ground to make it appear that they've crashed.  When the fighters fly over to confirm the crash, Hawke destroys them both with Stinger missiles.


Kase calls Dixon to let him know that the fighters failed to shoot down Airwolf, and he's not pleased and wants another course of action.  While Dom rigs a repair on Airwolf, Hawke tells him that he and Tess were lovers.  She became pregnant, but aborted the baby.  Hawke goes to comfort her again, and she apologizes for her earlier outburst, calling him a traitor.  The men talk on the yacht and Kase guarantees that deploying ground forces to strike a vulnerable Airwolf will get them off the hook.


As Dom finishes up his repairs, their attacked by a chopper, men on motorcycles and a pickup truck.  Dom gets Airwolf airborne and lays down ground fire to cover Hawke, while Tess makes a run for it.  Dom goes after the chopper as the pickup goes after Tess.  Hawke shoots the remaining man on the motorcycle when he tries to run him down, then goes after Tess on the motorcycle.  Tess flags down an 18-wheeler and hops in.  The men in the pickup shoot at the truck, and to protect Tess, the driver tries to block their path with the truck.  Hawke takes a shortcut across the desert to catch up.  Back in Airwolf, Dom drops his visor and fires a missile to take out the chopper.  Ricocheting bullets hit the truck driver, and a frightened Tess takes the steering wheel.  Hawke finally catches up and hops off the motorcycle onto the cab, as the men fire directly into it.  Hawke takes over the wheel and veers onto a desert dirt road.  The pickup gets ahead of them and fires some more, until Dom arrives in Airwolf and fires a missile, flipping and exploding the truck.


Tess overloads from stress and cries out that she doesn't want to lose her current baby.  Hawke is shocked to hear this, and especially shocked when Tess reveals it's not Dixon's child.  They settle their differences once and for all, and Hawke tries to settle Tess's fears about having this baby.  After numerous failures to stop Tess, Kase still assures Dixon that his final plan won't fail.


Airwolf arrives in Washington, and with Michael, they all walk inside.  Walking down the hall, Hawke sees Michael's assistant pull a gun, and he shoots her. Michael is stunned to know that she was the mole.  Later, Tess is called to testify before the committee, with one of the members being Kase.  Now realizing that his fate is sealed, Kase pulls out a gun and shoots himself.


Outside, Hawke uncovers the tracking device that Michael's assistant used to locate Tess throughout the day.  Dixon and his men have been arrested, and Michael promises to look after Tess while she testifies.  Now without his assistant, Michael is stuck driving the limo himself.