Season 3 Episode 15

Day of Jeopardy

Aired Unknown Jan 25, 1986 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • The sequence where Airwolf comes under attack from two choppers is much recycled footage from the Pilot – including a couple shots of Hawke and Dominic; if you look carefully, you can see their first season style uniforms (particularly as Dom gives Hawke thumbs up for destroying one of the choppers).

    • After Airwolf has destroyed the attacking choppers, we see the chain-guns and cannons to be folding back in – but in the very next (stock) shot, they're out!

    • When Airwolf comes under attack from the two jets whilst under auto-pilot control from the Firm, Dominic and Hawke desperately try to release the chain-guns and cannons – yet in all exterior shots, they are out!

  • Quotes

    • (String and Dom, looking over at a frightened Tess standing near the trees)
      Dom: I was on my last Hell Mary, so I know she was about to give up the ghost! If I'm out of line, tell me will ya? But what the hell is it between you two?
      String: We were in least I was. She was pregnant with my baby; didn't want it. I guess we were just too young.

    • Dominic: String, who is this woman?
      String: (embarrassed, scratching his head) Six years ago, I knew her as Tess Rogers.
      Tess: It's Mrs. Dixon now.
      Dominic: Mrs. Dixon? Mrs. CULLEN Dixon?
      Tess: He told you about us?
      Dominic: No, I did some flying for him one time. I still haven't been paid!

    • Dominic: (as Airwolf comes under attack) They nearly stuck a rocket up our tail-pipe.

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