Season 1 Episode 7

Echos From the Past

Aired Unknown Mar 03, 1984 on CBS

Episode Recap

File A56-7W
Subject:  Airwolf – Top Secret


A Mach-1 plus attack helicopter with the most advance weapons arsenal in the air.  Sought by governments, friendly and foreign, Airwolf is hidden somewhere in the western wilderness by its test pilot, Stringfellow Hawke.  To be returned to the U.S. government only if his brother St. John, an MIA in Vietnam, can be found.  The Deputy Director of the intelligence agency that developed Airwolf is Michael Coldsmith Briggs III, codename:  Archangel.  Believe to covertly provide classified information and support to Hawke in exchange for flying the chopper on missions of national interest.  Stringfellow Hawke is 34, reclusive, sensitive and a loner, known to associate with his only friend and mentor, Dominic Santini.  Together, Santini and Hawke fly Airwolf.  Capable of speeds rivaling the fastest jets, and backed by unmatched firepower, Airwolf is a weapon too dangerous to be left in unenlightened hands.  Finding Airwolf is your first priority – End of file.




Hawke is at his cabin when a plane flies by and drops a package.  Inside is a note to meet the pilot for information, and St. John's ID bracelet.  Hawke flies a chopper to the location and talks with the man, Peter MacGregor Moore, a mercenary and acquaintance.  Moore gives Hawke the location of St. John and a satellite photo.  While returning, Hawke loses consciousness and crashes into a mountain.


At the hospital, Hawke has to be revived.  Later, a young nurse, Susan, accidentally accesses the 4th floor (which is supposed to be blocked access) and sees Hawke being restrained after leaving his room.  He's strapped down to his bed, and Dr. Rothschild drops in and tells Hawke that he's been in a coma for 8 ½ months.  He also tells Hawke that Dominic and Archangel were both killed in a North Vietnam raid rescuing St. John, and that St. John has returned.  Moments later, Hawke watches a newscast about the divorce of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, and reads the paper about the raid that supposedly killed his friends.


Later, a man posing as St. John visits Hawke, and they have a heartfelt reunion.  Morton Abrams, the mastermind behind the elaborate ruse, watches on, and orders to reduce the medication that keeps Hawke tired so he can talk to him.  He visits Hawke, posing as Archangel's replacement, and convinces him to reveal the location of Airwolf.  Meanwhile, nurse Susan finds her way to the floor, and Hawke removes the I.V. from his arm after realizing he's being improperly drugged.  Susan sneaks into his room, and his demanding information from her helps him discover that he's been tricked.


Out at the crash site, the FIRM and local authorities are surveying the scene, along with Hawke's undamaged chopper when Dominic arrives.  Archangel shows him the group of foreign agents that captured Hawke, and that they have connections in Libya – the same people who want Airwolf.  He tries to convince Dominic to reveal the location of Airwolf, but Dominic distrusts him and leaves.  At the hospital, Hawke sneaks out with Susan.  Rothschild and his orderly discover that he's gone, and with guns pulled, they go looking.  Hawke and Susan stumble into a storage closet, which is dressed as the news studio Hawke saw on TV earlier.  There, they find a video showing a spliced photo of St. John's photo and the agent posing as St. John, used to brainwash Hawke.  On another monitor, there is footage of Hawke's supposed crash.  It's all coming together for Hawke now, but a moment too late, as the fake St. John bursts in with a gun.


In strait jackets, Hawke and Susan are taken outside.  Abrams explains that the "accident" was a remote controlled landing by Moore, and a photo he gave Hawke had a chemical that caused him to pass out at the controls.  They take them aboard a C-130, where they land in the snowy Valley of the Gods.  Hawke is forced at gunpoint to fly Airwolf to the plane, where it is brought on as cargo to ship to Libya.


Once in the air, Susan sees Dominic peeking from inside Airwolf, and Hawke tries to distract his captures long enough for Dominic to hop out with his gun drawn.  While they put the agents into the strait jackets, from the cockpit, Abrams calls for an escort of four MiGs.  As the escort arrives, the rear cargo door alarm beeps.  When Abrams goes to check, he sees Airwolf reverse thrusting, then dropping out the cargo door.


To Susan's fright, Airwolf plummets to the waters below.  They deploy a drag shoot to slow the fall, then use turbos to regain control of the chopper.  Two MiGs fire missiles, and a sunburst is fired to divert one.  Hawke does a snake run to try and dodge the other, and succeeds.  Hawke then fires a missile and hits a MiG.  One of the remaining MiGs fires a heat seeking missile, and Hawke lures it towards the C-130, destroying it.  Missiles are fired at the remaining MiGs, and two are blown up, but the last MiG gets away.  After a long ordeal, they all head home.


At Hawke's cabin, Archangel meets Susan, and they all have a good laugh as they poke fun at Archangel's concern about her possibly knowing Airwolf's hiding place.

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