Season 2 Episode 21


Aired Unknown Apr 06, 1985 on CBS

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  • Hawke and Santini are using Airwolf to help a geological study when a volcano erupts, forcing them to land. The nearby mining town is overrun with lawlessness, but there's more to it than meets the eye.

    When I first watched Airwolf reruns as a 10 year old kid, I enjoyed all the action scenes with this awesome black helicopter. Now that I'm going back and watching the show again, I find so much more depth and development in the storyline of each episode. Eruption is probably my favorite episode of the second season. Thematically it deals with the age old struggle between management and labor. It seems there's always animosity toward the big wigs of any given company and that the workers don't seem to get a fair shake. This episode is an example of how life can be miserable when a few get unchecked power over many. In this episode, One of the miners distrusts the owner of the mining company in their town. She feels the owner is aloof to their concerns. When the owner is forced to return to town after the volcano eruption, she finds little sympathy from the residents. As it turns out, so much was being hidden from her by the man she put in charge and she is informed of an appalling level of corruption. The company is not what it was when she inherited it from her husband. The people blamed her for all of it. Leadership is another major theme. Good leaders don't tear down. Rather, they work with others to build solutions to problems. There are many strong and opinionated people, but if they can't get others to buy into their ideas, they can't lead. While some of the effects were a little hokey, I remind myself that this was 80s TV and not Hollywood HD CGI. It wasn't so much the futuristic helicopter or the aerial combat scenes that made this episode good, but the story really drove this one.
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