Season 4 Episode 2


Aired Unknown Jan 30, 1987 on CBS

Episode Recap

In Istanbul, Jo is supposed to make contact with a man for a package pickup.  Two agents chase and kill the man, but he hides the package just before he dies.  Jo finds the package and escapes from the men.  Outside a hotel, she bumps into Svetlana, an Olympic gymnast who's surrounded by media questioning her defection from the Soviet Union.  Once inside, Jo hides inside a bathroom stall and analyzes the contents of the package.  She finds classified documents and a microdot containing Bulgarian missile secrets and hides it under her watch.


Later, Jo bumps into Svetlana again on their plane before it takes off.  The Bulgarian Secret Police has arranged a forced landing on the plane, and when jet fighters appear outside, Svetlana gets nervous.  Jo warns her to keep her cool going through customs.  St. John and Mike leave in Airwolf and head to Bulgaria.


After the plane is landed, Svetlana scrapes by the customs officer.  But later, one of the agents Jo escaped from earlier arrives and recognizes both Svetlana and Jo and arrests them.  The agent believes that they were working together.  Jo has now made an enemy of Svetlana after inadvertently getting her captured.  Knowing she's going to prison, she hides the microdot behind her ear.


Upon arrival to the prison, a guard drops a knife as a test to the incoming prisoners, and Svetlana reaches for it.  She's angry when Jo stops her.  Inside, they are befriended by Tanya, a former pianist, and Cosima, a former physicist, who tell them about how guards test prisoners as an excuse to beat on them.  Despite Jo's saving Svetlana from the guard's test, she remains ungrateful.  After lights out, guards come for Jo and take her to the Commandant, who asks her about the documents.  She offers nothing.  She's taken to the yard with the rest of the women.  A guard tricks a mentally ill woman into running towards another guard, giving them an excuse to beat and isolate her.


St. John and Mike meet with a Russian agent and old friend in Stockholm named Arkov.  They ask for his help in rescuing Jo as a favor for St. John's saving his life in a past mission.  Arkov offers no guarantees.  In the prison, the Commandant has Jo placed into isolation unless she tells him about the documents.  After he leaves, she uses a light socket to tap a message in Morse code, which is picked up by satellites and the equipment in the lair.  Jason relays the message to St. John and Mike and they fly to the prison.


Arkov arrives at the prison and talks to the Commandant.  All the women are taken outside for a lice inspection.  As the guards handle Svetlana, Cosima attacks one of them.  As she's taken to be beaten, Arkov eyes Jo from the window.  Inside, he slaps and manhandles Jo to make it look convincing.  He asks for the microdot, but she plays dumb.  He tells her he was sent by St. John, and to be in the prison yard the following morning.  Outside, Cosima returns, and the guards spread a rumor that Jo is KGB.  As this could result in Jo being killed by the prisoners, Svetlana plans to help her.  Once inside, she stages a fight with Jo to get them both put in insolation so Jo is safe from the other prisoners.  The timing of this is bad, since now Jo cannot be rescued when Airwolf arrives.  The Commandant orders them both killed in the morning.


That morning, Cosima is sent to the cell by the guards to trick Jo and Svetlana, but refusing to betray them, she's taken away.  They pretend to tell what they know to get to the Commandant's office.  Arkov tries to convince the Commandant to release Jo to him, but he insists upon executing her.  As Arkov leaves, he sees Jo and Svetlana being brought outside.  Jo says she'll talk, but the Commandant says they're finished.


Airwolf rises over the prison wall and begins shooting.  The Commandant orders air support.  The prisoners run wild in the yard, and in the chaos, a guard is about to shoot Jo.  Arkov shoots him and gestures to Jo to keep it hush.  A guard shoots Cosima, and she declares that Jo showed her the meaning of life before she dies.  Jo, Svetlana, and Tanya run for Airwolf as it hovers in.  Once in the air, Jo recovers the microdot, which is now disguised as a musical note on a sheet of Tanya's written music.


At Santini Air, Svetlana and Tanya come to say goodbye.  They've submitted reports of abuse and wrongful executions to Jason to have the prison shut down.  Now friends, Svetlana and Jo embrace.

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