Season 1 Episode 8

Fight Like a Dove

Aired Unknown Mar 10, 1984 on CBS

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  • Sarah LeBow manages to track down Airwolf, Hawke and Santini, and convinces them to help her capture Nazi Helmut Kruger. But Kruger is in possession of deadly new weapons system "Thor" – which Archangel has his own interests in. Not one of the best eps...

    This review contains spoilers.

    'Fight Like a Dove' has never been one of my favourite first season episodes, and coming to watch it again tonight, on DVD to review, I can't say I've warmed to it any more. It is a dragged out and in places very unclear story, definitely not one of the season's best offerings.

    After Hawke insists that himself and Dominic see how Airwolf can go up into space without cutting out (just to "see if it can be done", serving no real connection with the rest of the story – and one of the scenes that my local ITV region LWT decided to chop out when they re-ran the series in the mid-1990s), they return to the Lair, where Sarah LeBow, daughter of a murdered Nazi hunter, corners them.
    This is the big oddity of the episode. I mean, all of the Firm's high-tech resources cannot track down Airwolf, and yet an outsider, with seemingly no special intelligence, finds them just like that... how? It is never explained, and is just brushed over in the story. (The only time that anyone else would ever find the Lair would be in the third season story 'Discovery', and that was purely by chance).

    After than, the story kind of plods on. There's a plot in there somewhere, but I personally found it quite slow going.

    One of the few things of note about the episode is Archangel, and proof of how slippery and unpredictable he can be. It comes as a surprise when we see him at the arms sale with Kruger. But this element is never really explained in any real clarity. Later on, we get some blurry explanation of how the U.S. deliberately designed flawed weapons to sell to him, but this is never really made all that clear to follow.

    As I've said above, there is a plot in here... somewhere. But the story is very slow going, and has no real sense of urgency. Hawke seems to have some cunning masterplan of how to disable Thor and get rid of Kruger, but in actuality it just involves flying around outmanoeuvring the missiles, while Archangel is waiting a while away in a section of the 'plan' that is even more vague. Sarah actually shooting Archangel, nicking him in the ear, as about as exciting as this one gets.

    So all-in-all, not one of 'Airwolf's greatest instalments. Of course, anything is better than the abysmal Canadian-produced fourth season, and in fairness this episode is probably better than a lot of the third season stories too. But it just feels so limp, without the urgency it badly needs. Not the weakest of the season, that title goes to 'Daddy's Gone A Hunt'n', but can only bring myself to give 'Fight Like a Dove' a 7.5.
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