Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Unknown Sep 29, 1984 on CBS

Episode Recap

Hawke and Dom test fly the JetRanger over the desert when the subject of doing routine maintenance flights in Airwolf comes up.  After they land at Santini Air, they are told to go to a bar to pick up Dom's friend, Eddie, who's drunk and mumbling things about seeing lights in the desert at night.  He nearly gets into a fight, and Dom and Hawke walk in just in time to break it up.  All the while, one woman seems to be listening intently to it all.  They take Eddie to his trailer in the desert and put him to bed, where he's still mumbling about strange things in the desert at night, and Dom displays frustration about his drinking problem and hides his booze.


That night, Eddie stumbles out of bed and finds the booze.  When he walks outside, the lights appear, along with a strange noise.  In his drunken state, he believes it's a UFO, but it's actually a chopper, and it fires a missile, the impact sending him flying through the air and knocking him unconscious.  Dom visits him in the hospital the next day and lectures him about his drinking.  Again, Eddie tries to tell Dom about the lights in the desert, this time becoming hysterical and having to be restrained by the nursing staff.


Dom convinces Hawke to search the desert in Airwolf for anything unusual.  While they survey the area, Dom tells a story about how Eddie was a great pilot, until a crash filled him with enough guilt to turn to alcohol.  They get the photos they need and take Airwolf in.  That night, Dom brings Eddie home from the hospital, and again, another lecture.  As Dom leaves, Eddie grabs some more booze, while outside, Dom sees the lights.  Eddie goes outside and they are both captured.


The following day, Hawke makes printouts of the photos taken from Airwolf, and goes looking for Dom.  At Eddie's trailer, there's no sign of them, except for Dom's hat on the ground.  Hawke uses the photos and a map to pinpoint where to look, and drives over the hills.  On the other side, he finds a remote compound where he sees Dom and Eddie.  When he goes for a closer look, he, too, is captured.


He's taken to the compound, where a missile is being made ready for launch.  He's taken inside the communications center, where he runs into the lady from the bar, and former General Sandhower knows who he is.  Sandhower mentions "Firestorm," and Hawke has no idea what he's referring to.  He's taken outside and given a truth serum.  He's unable to give Sandhower the answers he's looking for, so he's given more.  This causes Vietnam flashbacks, and Hawke then recognizes Sandhower who was the General of the Army, forced to retire because of his extremist views of the war.  Hawke passes out.


He wakes up in a holding cell with Dom and Eddie, where he's told that the missile is nuclear-armed and is about to be fired at Moscow, possibly triggering a war.  They improvise a fake argument to get the guard's attention.  They knock him unconscious and use his keys to open the cell.  They steal guns from the guards and fight their way out.  Hawke injures his leg and Dom gets shot in the process, but they make their escape.


While Hawke gets Airwolf, Dom and Eddie are at the trailer, and Dom tells him that he needs to help Hawke fly Airwolf to stop Sandhower.  Eddie is petrified.  Two jeeps come after them, and Hawke arrives in Airwolf to run them off.  Hawke lands to pick up Eddie and he still refuses to go.  Dom attempts to go, but Eddie stops him and leaves with Hawke.


Eddie is overwhelmed by Airwolf once inside, and doubts he'll be any help.  Sandhower sees Airwolf on radar and has missiles launched to stop it.  Hawke coaches Eddie while they battle Sandhower's defenses, starting with releasing sunbursts to divert the missiles.  Hawke also destroys a tank and a chopper.  Before Eddie can breathe a sigh of relief, Sandhower launches the missile.  Hawke fires a falcon and turbos out of the area to avoid the missile's nuclear shockwave; the compound is destroyed.


Hawke commends Eddie for his help and Eddie can't believe it.  Later, Dom and Hawke are dropping Eddie off at his trailer, and Dom reminds Eddie of what good can come out of being sober.  When Eddie goes inside, Dom soon follows and catches him starting up on the booze again.  Dom finally realizes there's nothing he can do for his friend unless he wants to help himself, and tells him to call when he figures things out.  Dom lets go of the situation and leaves Eddie to ponder his options.