Season 2 Episode 9

Flight #093 Is Missing

Aired Unknown Nov 17, 1984 on CBS

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  • A bad episode even by Airwolf's low standards.

    Airwolf was my favorite show as a kid and I was eager to rewatch this specific episode as it was my favorite. Flight #093 seemed so surreal to me back then. I remembered as an eight year old kid, putting a mike near the speaker of our TV and recording this particular episode on audio-cassette (we didn't have a VCR). However, upon seeing Flight 93 for the first time in twenty-some years, I was shocked at the cheesy quality of it. All I basically saw was bad directing, terrible overacting, bad dialogue, bad humor, and an ending we've seen a thousand times. To see the stranded passengers celebrate like drunken sailors when they haven't even been rescued yet was ridiculous. I should have known when I saw Bernard Kowalski's credits coming up. He's the same guy who directed several terrible episodes of Knight Rider. To me, almost all the Airwolf episodes are unwatchable today, but this is bad even by their low standards.
  • Alot of eligible young men out there. Where? Right there! Huh? lol

    Another good episode. This time, we got to see some personal life of Caitlin - that she's single, her mother wants her married, and she has a sister who now is married.

    Good substory acting by the VP's assistant who expresses her romantic emotions for the VP.

    As for using Airwolf for public use, it seems to have deviated away from its original intent of being a hush-hush secret mission only. It was casted in public tv as part of a news conference (unless it may have been a different helicopter but looked too similar to be another).
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