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AIRWOLF DVD Documentary in production

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    Since September 2010, a special and incredibly ambitious documentary, chronicling in-depth the making of the classic U.S. action thriller series "AIRWOLF", has been in production... http://airwolfdocumentary.blogspot.co.uk/

    The memorable airborne drama, starring JAN-MICHAEL VINCENT and the late ERNEST BORGNINE as the pilots of a renegade super helicopter, was a worldwide success during its original broadcast run in the 1980s. Airwolf was originally the No.1 imported show in Japan and South Africa, it has benefited greatly from several re-runs internationally, in particular its most popular territories of the United Kingdom and Europe. Today, it continues to do so in the digital era, proving immensely popular on the Hulu and Netflix online platforms.

    Last year, documentary producer/director (& diehard fan) Martin Grant, self-financed a large and demanding 5-week shoot across the United States to reach the 40 CAST AND CREW (including 10 GUEST STARS) secured for interviews. California, Oregon, Texas and Massachusetts were the four "journey" states, taking Grant and his lighting cameraman Eric Shepherd, coast-to-coast across America.

    You can find SCREENSHOTS and more information of those HIGH DEFINITION-shot interviews at the official BLOG for the project: http://airwolfdocumentary.blogspot.com

    For the first time, thousands of fans of the original Airwolf series across the globe, both casual and diehard, will be given a thorough and profound look into the triumphs, challenges and problems faced by two sets of casts, crews, studios and television networks during the divided 3 years plus one that "AIRWOLF" was in production. Those unprecedented trials and tribulations will be explored in intimate detail, gaining insight into its history and legacy. It's the intention and ultimate goal of the production team to make this official documentary the most comprehensive and meticulous of its kind on any television series, and of the highest professional standard.

    Also, due to the unfortunate and terribly sad recent passing of the show's Oscar-winning performer, ERNEST BORGNINE, the film will now be a major, poignant and fitting tribute to the one and only "Dominic Santini".

    The producers are currently raising further investment to complete a second round of additional filming of 17-20 interviews and the comprehensive filming of this unrivalled retrospective, feature-length 3-hr documentary. In addition, prior to their arrival in LA, we would be landing in Toronto and Vancouver, to interview the cast and crew of the Canadian 4th Season spin-off of the show. The projected budget for this shoot is $8,500, however if they exceed that target, any finances gathered will automatically be allocated to post-production costs to what will be a 3-HOUR FEATURE (potentially longer). You can find details and incentives of the fund-raising campaign here: http://www.indiegogo.com/airwolfdoc

    The additional money would enable them to enrich the film further by hiring additional crew to handle professional visual and graphic effects, online editing and colour grading, broadcast standard sound mixing, master delivery, and the production and distribution of the final DVD product, which will be on par to any major studio release you'll find in retail stores. That's how high the standard will be for this project. "Do it right...or NOT at all" is the production's motto.

    Throughout the production of the shoot and subsequent editing stages, the existing blog will be maintained with the progress and posting of several photographs and information. The DVD documentary is set to be released in OCTOBER, 2014, to celebrate the 30th BritishAnniversary of the original series airing, when the two-hour pilot movie debuted on October 5th, 1984.

    I'm just spreading the word as far as wide as possible. Hopefully there'll be some super-vehicle, helicopter and action-adventure fans amongst you that remember the show and would be interested in finding out more.

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