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    I'm pleased to announce that 15 years on from the original "Airwolf Themes" [AWT] Soundtrack, that we've finally released an even better official sequel Soundtrack 2CD called 'AIRWOLF EXTENDED THEMES' [AET], which has taken more than 5 years' intensive work to create for the Airwolf fans.

    On this 2CD album there are 42 brand new tracks, split over two full length CDs, the first by Bulgarian-Polish Orchestrator & Associate Producer, Jan Michal Szulew which concentrates on 22 variations of Sylvester Levay's iconic Airwolf Main Theme Tune - from the original CBS Seasons 1-3 only... including the fans' Holy Grail track of the big orchestral sand dune chase against Dr Moffet from the 'Pilot' episode of the Airwolf series.

    The second CD disc focuses on further episodic tracks that I didn't do the first time around due to the technology at the time, including a complete version of the "Eagle's Cello Theme" and the iconic Song of the Revolution from Russian-themed episode, "PROOF THROUGH THE NIGHT" amongst many others.

    We've also included an exclusive new interview with the other main episodic composer on the show, Udi Harpaz within the set's 24-page cover booklet, to complement the original Airwolf Themes' interview with composer, Sylvester Levay.

    Airwolf Fan Feedback from the die-hard Airwolf fans is here if you need convinced:

    Listen to the Airwolf MP3 Teasers for all 42 tracks here:

    Many thanks for the tremendous support of the Wolf Pack thus far.

    Mark J. Cairns

    Producer, Airwolf Themes

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