Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Unknown Dec 21, 1985 on CBS

Episode Recap

A Huey chopper sets down in the Golden Triangle, and off steps Glen Carson.  He meets an Asian general, and exchanges bags of money for several kilos of heroine.  The general wonders how Carson will get the load into the States.  Carson shoots the general dead, and has his men shoot the general's men.  With no one alive to listen, Carson says Hawke is going to bring it in.


Hawke and Dom are in Airwolf patrolling the waters for a Russian submarine, when Michael contacts them saying he has information on St. John.  Hawke hurries back to see about it.  Michael takes him to Hughes Junior High, where the said son of St. John, Le Van Hawke, attends.  Hawke makes contact with Le and tries to tell him that St. John is his father, but he gets upset and runs away.


Hawke goes to the boy's home and talks with his aunt and legal guardian, Minh McBride.  He goes through her old keepsakes and finds St. John's photo and his ring.  Minh's husband Darren arrives home and they talk.  McBride tells Hawke that he and St. John were in a special unit together, and that St. John died during a mission, but is cryptic in his explanation.  At an air base, Carson pays off a captain for sneaking an additional casket onto a C-130:  St. John's.


Believing McBride's story, Hawke goes to the FIRM to follow up.  Due to McBride's impeccable service record, Hawke feels that is enough to make him credible, and that Michael's warnings that McBride could be lying is a trick.  Hawke leaves in angst over the changes that come with accepting Le.  Hawke takes Le for a few days to get to know him.  When he takes him back home, he tells McBride he wants to adopt him.  McBride agrees to work something out with Minh.  Le, who was bringing them some beers, overhears the conversation and runs away.


At the hangar, Hawke opens up St. John's old footlocker and reads a letter addressed to him.  It says St. John was assigned to a special unit executing suicide missions.  It seems to match McBride's story, and they begin to accept that St. John could be dead.  Hawke returns to the FIRM, with Dom and Cate already there.  He shows Michael the letter, but with no date or proof of the author, Michael doesn't buy it.  Hawke gives the news that he intends to adopt Le.


He returns to the McBride residence, where they tell him that Le ran away.  McBride has enlisted the help of Carson to help find him.  Le walks the streets of Chinatown, taking in the nightlife.  He goes into a video arcade, where he hustles some older kids on a pinball machine.  They don't take it too well, and chase him into an alley.  He's spotted from Carson's car and they follow.  When Le gets cornered, the men break it up.  McBride has a flashback from the war and attacks one of the kids before he is restrained.


Hawke takes Le for a walk and apologizes for not talking to him about being adopted, and promises he'll be there for him.  He returns Le home and talks to McBride.  He tells Hawke that St. John's casket will be arriving at the nearby air base that night.  Dressed as Air Force personnel, Hawke and Dom go onto the base and break into the hangar.  They find St. John's casket, but Hawke senses that St. John isn't in it.  Michael walks in and catches them in the act.


They open the casket to find about 200lbs of heroine, with a street value of $250 million.  They all make the connection that McBride and Carson worked together to get that much heroine into the States, and banked on Hawke's taking the casket off the base (believing it contains St. John's remains) to make their score.  He plays into McBride's plan to lure him in.  Hawke and Le talk near the cabin before Hawke buries the casket, and Le is undecided on who he wants to adopt him between Hawke and McBride.  Hawke buries the casket, and just as he'd hoped, Carson and McBride fly over to see it being buried.


Hawke leaves Le with Cate and Dom at the cabin while he goes into the woods to get the Lady.  Carson and McBride dig up the casket to claim their drugs, but are disappointed to find sandbags inside.  Hawke surprises them with Airwolf and they begin shooting.  Hawke lays down chain gun fire, then fires missiles at the casket.  McBride makes a run for it through the woods, while Carson thinks his best shot is with his chopper.


Carson takes off and his men unsuccessfully shoot at Airwolf with machine guns.  Then they pull out a rocket launcher.  Hawke immediately pulls back, then flies along mountaintops for cover.  Each shot misses, and just as Hawke is about to fire back, Carson, not paying attention to where he's flying, crashes into a mountainside.  McBride thinks he's lost Hawke and stops to rest, when Airwolf comes over the trees.  Hawke plays with him, chasing him and then nudging him towards a cliff.


Hawke demands McBride tell him all he knows about St. John, and picks him up on the nose of Airwolf.  McBride admits he never knew St. John, but Carson did, and he used all the conversations he and Carson shared to pretend he knew St. John.  Hawke realizes whatever information he could've gotten perished with Carson when he died in the crash, so he sets McBride on the ground.


At the FIRM, Michael confirms that Carson spent a month in the hospital with St. John back in Saigon.  Minh comes in and tells Hawke that McBride promised to marry her if she brought Le back with them as their son, but she can't prove or confirm that Le is St. John's son.  Le wonders if Hawke will still love him, despite whether or not he's his nephew, and Hawke assures him that he will.

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