Season 3 Episode 18

Hawke's Run

Aired Unknown Feb 15, 1986 on CBS

Episode Recap

Hawke visits his friend Jerry Karsten, who's trying to talk him into working for him at his company.  He gives Hawke a ticket to an art show to sweeten the deal.  While Hawke steps out to grab a cup of coffee, a hit squad, led by Victor Resnick, carries out a hit on Karsten and his whole office.  They're looking for a missile schematic when Hawke walks in and gets shot.  He gets away when he jumps into a passing car, driven by Marilyn Kelsy, an aspiring model and novel junkie.


Marilyn freaks when she sees that Hawke was shot, but he insists on getting to a phone.  Hawke calls Michael at the FIRM, who's clueless about the hit.  Zeus picks up the phone and orders Hawke to come in.  When Hawke refuses, Zeus sends a hit squad after him.  Hawke offers Marilyn money to take her car, but after getting an earful, Hawke concedes and allows her to drive him.


Resnick and his men break into Santini Air looking for the schematic.  After they're gone, Marilyn drives up with Hawke.  After looking around inside, Hawke passes out from his wound.  He wakes up in the hospital and Marilyn tells him that surgery was performed to repair a nicked artery.  Hawke is in a hurry to get dressed, and they run into the police on the way out.  They run out the back and hop onto a tour bus to avoid getting caught.  They're dropped off on Pacific Coast Highway, where they hide out in the home of Marilyn's old boyfriend.


Hawke calls Michael again, and he assures Hawke that the FIRM didn't hit Karsten.  Hawke then calls Dom to come get him.  After the call, it becomes apparent that the action and mystery she reads about that surrounds Hawke is attractive to Marilyn.  They become close and kiss.  Hawke hears a helicopter outside, and thinking that it's Dom picking him up, goes outside.  It's Resnick and his men, and they begin shooting.


Hawke goes back and gets Marilyn, and they're chased to a fiesta party around the block.  Disguised in sombreros, they go undetected at first, but Hawke needs to keep Dom from arriving so he won't be killed.  Hawke leaves Marilyn behind and makes a run for Resnick's chopper while his men shoot.  He's able to get away, but now Resnick has Marilyn.


Hawke gets on the horn and diverts Dom to the lair while he meets with Michael.  He meets him in the hills and with the aid of some photos, is able to identify Resnick for Michael.  Michael tells Hawke that Resnick was a FIRM agent who turned.  They killed Karsten because he was a double agent working for both the FIRM and the Russians, and stole the schematic to square himself with Zeus.  They pegged Hawke as Karsten's contact and think he has the schematic.


A white chopper rises above the trees.  Michael thinks it's Zeus, but they start shooting.  They hop into the chopper and are chased relentlessly, until Hawke flies through a tunnel.  The chasing chopper crashes into the mountain and explodes.  When Michael jogs Hawke's memory about possible places to find the schematic, he remembers the art show ticket Karsten gave him.


He goes to the show the following day, and Cate and Michael are disguised as spectators.  Marilyn walks from behind one of the exhibits, followed by Resnick and his men.  Marilyn tells Hawke to give Resnick the ticket stub, and Hawke figures that it contains a microdot with the schematic.  Resnick discretely demands the stub, and Hawke pretends to agree but makes a run for it with Marilyn.  Cate and her date manage the panicked crowd and Marilyn puts Hawke's stub in the collection box.  Outside, Hawke and Resnick's squad have a shootout.  The Zebra Squad pulls up just as Resnick's chopper arrives.  Resnick escapes as two of his men are killed.  Marilyn thinks the action is over, until Airwolf hovers in.  Bent on living out her novel fantasies, she convinces Hawke to take her along.


Resnick's chopper is headed for a boat in the ocean to make their escape.  Airwolf catches up and Hawke tells them to set down, but they get behind Airwolf and fire missiles.  Hawke gets turned around and comes at them, head on.  He demolishes the chopper with a maverick, which was more than Marilyn was prepared for, but she got her fill of the action.


At the FIRM, Michael gives Marilyn the unfortunate news that she cannot receive public recognition for her help, since doing so would reveal that the microdot was lost.  Contrary, Marilyn flips over her purse, pouring out all the ticket stubs from the art show as Michael stands baffled.