Season 2 Episode 8

HX 1

Aired Unknown Nov 10, 1984 on CBS

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  • Perfect!

    One of the best. I love how they reference Colonel Vidor from \"And They Are Us\" as one of the four who could have pulled the HX1 theft. They also bring back the same guy who played the fake St. John from Season 1, and the saleman British guy is the same guy who drugged Hawke from another episode in Season 1.

    Hawke going around asking about his brother\'s death causes different emotional reactions and points of view from different people he encounters. Mace\'s parents think Hawke is trying to resurrect their son, Mace, when Hawke\'s intention is to find out about St. John. This type of convoluted reaction is not so easily scripted and played out in other 80\'s shows.

    What I can\'t figure out, however, just like Colonel Vidor in \"And They Are Us\" is why people are so hush-hush about what they may know about St. John to Hawke. It\'s as if they intentionally want to string him along. If they would have just told him what they knew, Hawke would have left quieter. But then, the story would have to change, I guess.

    Overall, Airwolf\'s acting and story plot were way ahead of its time.