Season 3 Episode 9


Aired Unknown Nov 23, 1985 on CBS

Episode Recap

Arriving in Airwolf in a war-torn South American country, Hawke, Dominic and Caitlin rendezvous with "living legend" freedom fighter leader El Gato, in a mission to rescue a US scientist who is being held captive. Dominic and Caitlin wait at the pick-up point as Hawke and El Gato set off on the rescue bid, but during the escape after locating the scientist, El Gato is killed, and Hawke's radio to Airwolf is destroyed.

Hiding in from the pursing terrorist army in the area's dense growth, Hawke and the rather arrogant scientist meet a teacher and her group of hearing-impaired children, who are homeless after village was destroyed by the terrorists.

Hawke attempts to lead the group to safety as they head to the pick-up point, trying to find a new home for the teacher and her students, and all the time avoiding the terrorist army along the way...
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