Season 3 Episode 9


Aired Unknown Nov 23, 1985 on CBS

Episode Recap

Before sunrise, Hawke, Dom and Caitlin land in Nicaragua to rendezvous with Gustavo (aka "El Gato), a legendary freedom fighter.  With his help, they plan to rescue an American scientist who's been forced to develop computer-controlled tanks for a guerilla colonel there.  Gustavo is gone over Cate, and plans to have dinner with her after the mission.  Hawke leaves on foot with Gustavo, while Dom and Caitlin take Airwolf to the next rendezvous point.


After sunrise, Gustavo and Hawke infiltrate the camp and find the scientist, Dr. Jason Keith.  Nearby guards see them leaving and start shooting.  Colonel Ross and his men chase them, and Gustavo is shot.  Unable to continue, he pleads for Hawke to leave.  When he finally does, Gustavo fights one last stand, before Ross guns him down.


Later, Hawke and Dr. Keith wander through the jungle, with Ross's men not too far behind.  The radio Hawke carries was shot during the gunfight, so communicating with Airwolf is impossible.  While they rest, a voice from behind the trees tells Hawke to drop his gun.  The woman, along with a group of deaf children, rises from the brush.  She is Jennie Burton, an American who's teaching the kids survival, and their village was destroyed by the current war.  Concerned for the kids, Hawke offers to help get them to a village in Santa Teresa.


Dom and Cate, posted up in the jungle, worry that Hawke hasn't checked in yet and plan to act if much more time lapses.  Hawke and the group trek through the jungle and find a resting place.  He loses his patience when a frightened Dr. Keith shows a poor and callous attitude about helping the kids.  While they continue moving, one of the older kids, Raf, aims his nonworking rifle at a passing patrol chopper, angering Dr. Keith.  A moment later, Raf saves him from a poisonous snake.  Instead of being grateful, Keith blames Raf for nearly getting him bitten.


Dom and Cate continue waiting, until they pick up a ground patrol on Airwolf's scanner.  As the group continues through the jungle, Hawke gets a feeling they're being watched.  He hands his spare gun to Keith, but he's scared to shoot, so he gives it to Jennie.  A man charges from behind some brush, and Jennie shoots him.  Hawke is ambushed from behind, and Raf and another child help subdue the men.  Afterwards, they hear rustling in the brush, which turns out to be an old lady and her cow.


The ground patrol has gotten too close, and Dom takes Airwolf up, taking out the patrol.  Later, Ross has the computerized tanks moved out.  Hawke gets the kids and the old lady to the well-protected village in Santa Teresa.  Hawke still has a bad feeling about things, and as soon as he realizes what was planned for the tanks, the village comes under attack.


Jennie is hurt, and Keith cowers like a scared puppy.  Hawke makes him take Jennie to a shelter where the kids are.  The women lead the children in song to distract them from the violence outside.  Keith finally comes to grips with the situation he's in, and picks up a gun and fights alongside the other men.  Dom comes in with Airwolf and exchanges shots with the tanks, but destroys all three.  Ross goes up in a Hughes chopper and further shoots up the village.


Dom lands the Lady, and Hawke gives them the news about Gustavo, which devastates Cate.  Cate goes to help Jennie and the kids, while Hawke and Dom take off in Airwolf.  They catch up to Ross, and he immediately gets behind Airwolf and starts shooting nonstop.  Hawke maneuvers back behind him, and lowers his visor.  He fires a copperhead, exploding the chopper.


The destroyed village is now calm, and everyone is enjoying the children.  Jennie tells Hawke her plans of building a new school, and Hawke suggests doing it in Santa Teresa.  They embrace, then Hawke continues to enjoy the kids.

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