Season 3 Episode 9


Aired Unknown Nov 23, 1985 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • When Raf saves Dr. Keith from the snake, a close-up shot reveals a fake snake held up by a wire.

    • Possible blooper: When El Goro is hit by gun-fire, he seems to fall in a different place than to in the next shots, when Hawke goes back for him (could just be down to camera angle).

    • Nitpick: At the climax of the story, when the village is under attack and Dominic and Caitlin arrive in Airwolf, see how Hawke suddenly changes into his Airwolf flight suit when he gets in – in the middle of such a fierce assult on the villiage, it's questionable that he would have time / bother to do so!

    • As with a number of third season episodes, there are several shots mixed in of Dominic piloting Airwolf, that are back-to-front.

  • Quotes

    • (Dom and Caitlin has just landed in the village to pick up String)
      Dominic: (to String) Are you okay?
      String: Yeah!
      Caitlin: Gustavo, is he okay too?
      String: Cait, in that cafe over there, you'll find some kids. They're with a friend of mine named Jennie. She's been hurt, she can really use your help.
      Caitlin: Hawke?
      String: Cait, I'm sorry, he's dead.
      Dominic: No, not El Gato! I don't believe it!

    • Hawke: (to Raf, who's brother was recently killes) It takes a great deal of courage to die. Your brother, had that courage. I belive you do to. Sometimes, it takes more courage to live.

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